Saturday, January 10, 2009

local newspaper

Kadisbun, Ir Indriyana Soemarto:
"Behind the Benefits of Global Crisis For Farmers Rubber"
by: cecep sa
Global crisis that the world of late, its impact is felt by the actors and various economic sectors, not the exception of the plantation sector in Garut regency. Likewise diugkapkan Head Office Plantation Garut regency, Ir. Indriyana, Friday (9 / 1). Moreover, the commodity we have had this market that remains, namely China.Bayangkan, when this country began to switch from Chinese production of synthetic rubber to natural rubber and China needs its own rubber sent from Indonesia with the number of needs to reach 1.8 million liters, "said Indri while adding, Garut regency own role to give to the needs of China's rubber-State. So lest plantation farmers in Garut tergiur by another product so that its functions plantation land that was productive land into productive annual monthly.
"For example, such as land, productive land was changed into rubber plantation of corn.

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