Monday, January 12, 2009

Local Newspapers

FPI members to pinch colleagues from Tasikmalaya Lapas
by cecep sa

Hundreds of mass Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Tasikmalaya pick five members FPI, each Muslim, Miftah, Aceng Aji, Mamat, and Entang free after a lifetime of punishment for 75 days in the correctional facility (lapas) Monday (12/1) yesterday.
Action seize it enough attention to the road users, as hundreds of
FPI mass in the front row Lapas, while occasionally to hollo kalimah takbir and breathe suhada pick. Otto Iskandar Dinatta Street also had occurred when the pick-jamming progress.
FPI members who are released immediately greeted by a mass-park in front of the door while still disalami by the penjemput, including elders FPI Tasikmalaya Ajengan Mubin, a direct change clothes members of the FPI is exempt.
Family members who came to meet directly memeluknya. Even Aceng Aji (36), the FPI members were freed immediately embrace new wife and their children who come pick up.
After the shake, they are directly bring members of the FPI mosque Agung Tasikmalaya to greet each other with the FPI members who came pick.

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