Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Enung (55) Suffering from Injuries Burnt Effects Explode Gas Holder

By cecep sa

Mrs Enung (55) of village Sindangkasih village Singasari Kec. Taraju Kab. Tasikmalaya suffered burns on her body throughout, because the new gas tube received explosives from the government, on Wednesday (14/1) morning. Skin and blister the face throughout body burns. Apparently spark from electric lights sklar lick gas that already meet the room.
His son and neighbors who know the incident, the immediate help to victims and carried health Taraju. To reduce the her ill, victims of forced to evacuate using banana leaves and the body placed on the banana leaf.
Meanwhile, the sound of explosion was heard up to 200 meter radius, residents who heard the explosion is suspected of vote car crash, but later they are taken aback, the sound from the gas explosion tube.
"Sugan tea diadu atawa car pile-up, battery mah teu nyangka gas bitu da (the estimate car crash, do not expect the battery tube gas explosion," said Nahri (65) neighbors of the victim. The Usep (32), son of Ny. Enung, when his voice heard the explosion, immediately find the source of explosion.

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