Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Unit 6 Taxis Are Secured Officers Dishub
By cecep sa

Around six taxi protruding unit consists of 4 units Resik Taxis and 2 units Maya airport to secured City officials Dishub Tasikmalaya, not only because of have a route permit, which is also involved in the forgery plate number. Taxis stated bulging with plate number Z 1920 KB, 1922 KB Z, 1923 KB Z, Z 1924 KB (Resik from Taxi), and Z 1929 KB, 1932 KB of Z Maya airport that is now in custody in the city Dishub Jl. Ir H Juanda Kota Tasikmalaya. For example, Dishub when to secured to provide a taxi, no taxi tomorrow the search for cargo operations. Budy said, the actual Dishub Kota Tasikmalaya since December 2008 is the program against the taxi driver in place the zone, so that they complete the route permit.
city transportation drivers complain
Some city transportation
Driver had complained to the many operations taxis bulging in the region of Tasikmalaya. "We're so taxis are bulging to secured. In the field, the number of taxi there should be 19 units, but the fact is that now operate reach 40 units a taxi. Side always will continue to secured taxis bulging.

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