Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Strange News

Theft syndicate Timsus Catch Livestock Animals

The team of special (Timsus) Polreskab Tasikmalaya successfully captured two members
livestock animal theft syndicate, on Tuesday (20 / 1), subsequent arrest of two other suspects in the area of Bandung some time ago.
The two suspects are arrested through a raid on Tuesday (20/1) at around 03.00 in the early days of each house that is Uj (28) in the Kampung Cisurupan Garut regency, and Udn (50) in the village / village Baruwangi Kecamatan Bayongbong Garut regency.
In the second raid suspect action, which is known slippery enough to avoid officers, Kanit Timsus Ispektur one Herdis with five members was detonating shot several times into the air. Warning shot was made officers, because the officer suspects ransack the house door, from within the house, heard the cry of invective with vulgarity. Even when the door and to know there are officers in, the suspect would flee Uj through the back door. See indication that less is better, the officer was not stay silent, at that time also steal into the house, and try to arrest the suspect. Apparently the suspect did not want to give up just so, so struggle between the suspect there with the officers. Finally, the suspect can disabled workers and handcuff hands.

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