Friday, January 30, 2009

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Security Officers GITET Manglid Poor Sprightly

By Cecep SA

The security officer at the main depot extra high voltage (GITET) in Kampong Manglid Kel. Setiamulya Kec. Tamansari Gobras Tasikmalaya votes still less spry.
So disclosed Suverpisor Security P3B (distribution center and the burden of) Java-Bali, Hartoyo, while assisting the police Puslabfor Mabes of four men under the command of Commissioner purpose Yardi, Thursday (29 / 1) yesterday afternoon when asked by reporters the investigation is in between Puslabfor team.
According Hartoyo, if in fact speak on security issues vital national object (ovitnas), including GITET Manglid which also includes ovitnas, already have four components, namely the security of security made by Satpam power or people who manage security issues, and security made by employees or partners. Meanwhile, a special component is done by the TNI / police, if necessary. Then the support component made by the surrounding community, to have the community involved.
However, Hartoyo not sure whether the 500 KVA transformer fire was due to negligence or other factors. "We will wait for results of the examination Puslabfor team," he said.
Puslabfor team that came in at the location around 15:30 and then enter the office building GITET. According Kasat Reskrim Polresta Tasikmalaya, purpose Commissioner Pudjo Harsono, the team directly to request some information officer there. Several hours later a team outside the building and check the transformer used in smoke. There, the team conducted research and investigation strength of 500 KVA transformer is in the area off-limits. Around 17:15 o'clock, and then to the team from outside the prohibited area and continue the examination in the office GITET.
Previously, about six units of the car fire (Damkar) is 30 times behind the pace memadamkam tried 500 Kva transformer burned and the smoke still issued at 13:00 on Thursday (29 / 1).
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