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The Discovery Of Stone Artifact

Discovery Artifact
Three pieces of stone that allegedly royal relics found in the block of Sand hill Village Pogor Cikadu, Village Linggaraja, Sukaraja District, Tasikmalaya regency. The discovery of stone scandalize the locals, so they are reporting their findings to the Bandung Institute of Archaeology.
Three stone relics were found several kilometers from the site Situ Sanghiyang, which is found by the owner of the garden, when he will be working on his land. Until now the stone has become a spectacle of local residents and has not been investigated by officers from the Bandung Institute for Archaeology.
According to the landowner, Hasbini (50), of Kampung Nangklong, Village Linggaraja, Talbot District, last Thursday night, he dreamed that there are people who say, that in his garden there are heirlooms in the form of a Keris. "The dream was very clear in memory, so as not in a dream. In the dream there is a Keris is under a rock," said Hasbini saying, then the next day he was with his friend, Ee immediately to the location. So after morning prayers, at dawn, they rushed to the location indicated in the dream. Location of the discovery of three pieces of stone was about six kilometers from the historical sites of the lake (there) Sanghiyang, located in the village of Cibalanarik, District Tanjungjaya, Tasikmalaya regency.
That morning, Hasbini found a large rock types of stone artifacts length 120 cm and 120 cm wide. Above the stone is engraved the image like a map (plan), and three digits "501", as well as images of people being bow-shaped. Hasbini originally intended to kris search behind the stone, but when looking at the surface of the stone, he thought better to find a dagger beneath.
Not long later in the same place, the locals found the two other stones are considered to have relevance to the findings of the first stone. The shape is similar to the first stone, but smaller. On the stone were engraved signs such as pointing toward a large rock.
In order to avoid things that are not desirable, local leaders about to install a bamboo fence and report his findings to the Bandung Institute of Archaeology and Antiquities.
According Hasbini, the land was bought about three months ago from his neighbor, then the land (garden) will be tilled and corn farming. But before he hurried his efforts materialize the dream.
According to Ikin Mutaqin, of Kampung Cikadu, until yesterday is still in the stone location and has not been investigated by the authorities. "We expect the authorities immediately investigate the discovery of three stones. To convince people, whether the stone relics of history or not?," He said.
Meanwhile, Hasbini landowner was worried by the discovery of three stones, timid there are people who blame the meaning of the stones, such as deeds musrik or shirk.
Youth Leader Tasikmalaya cultural activists, Asep Zamzam Noor said, the existence of rock-shaped map that presumably related to the royal heritage, as well as sites that are not far from the discovery of a stone, because in that area there is a relic of Situ Sanghiyang kingdom, which is located not far of the alleged discovery of the stone relics of history. It with Bandung Institute for Archaeology will conduct research into the location.

Department of Tourism and Culture Tasikmalaya District officials fielded directly to see clearly the condition of the stone that stir people on the hill block Pogor Kampung Pasir Cikadu, Village Linggaraja, Talbot District, Tasikmalaya regency, on Monday (10/10).
The results, from research conducted Disparbud officer will immediately be reported to the Institute for Archaeology Bandung. Hopes, the albino will soon descend into Tasikmalaya to examine in detail the condition of the stone is thought to be relics of past civilizations.
Head of Tourism and Cultural District. Tasikmalaya, Endang Zaenal Alfian said provisional estimates stones found Hasbini (50) in his garden location in Block Sand Pogor relics of the past.
"Our guess stones found there was a relationship with the citizens of civilizations past, whether it is civilization sundae wiwitan or not yet predictable. But our conclusion that the legacy of the past," he said Monday (10/10).
Alfian Admittedly, it could not guess how old the rock upon which there is a sculpture in the form of a map, because they have to do some research first by experts.
Thus it will promptly report the results monitored while go to Institute for Archaeology in Bandung, with the hope of the albino immediately come to Tasik to do research.
Alfian suspect, a rock measuring about 1.5 meters and it was clear the number 0, number 5 and number 1 is as a central point. Likely to find other websites that are closely related from each other.
"If it is true that the stone relics of past civilizations, our hope can be a historical fact about civilizations in Tasikmalaya district," he said.
Meanwhile, the location of ivory colored stone discovery reads island residents are still crowded. They were intrigued by these findings Hasbini.
Discovery artifact suspected stone relics of the past is found not necessarily granted. But through the evidence process that comes through dreams. Hasbini previously dreamed someone was told to clean the stone in his garden.
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