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CNN News Headlines Champion Dedication Elementary School Teachers

Provincial Government (Provincial Government) West Java set Deded Ruhimat Spd (42) as the First Place "Dedicated Teacher Selection Rate of West Java Province Year 2011.
Deded feeling of accomplishment would not expect it after the dedication for nearly nearly six years, became a teacher at Village Elementary School Denuh Daracana Cikuya Village district. Culamega Kab. Tasikmalaya. Thanks to his performance that, in addition to reaching a plaque, trophy, and the cost of coaching, was reached Deded reward from the Governor of West Java, for "branchmarking" to Japan and also to China from the Ministry of National Education.

In daily life, Deded Ruhimat, Spd (42) always use the bike to a remote village in Kampong Denuh it, which he passes around three and a half hours drive from Tasikmalaya. Through the winding roads, and gravel of the head, and full of mud, with his motorcycle, he patiently taught him to the place. Even if it was raining, it's his bike tires he had wrapped with a chain, hoping not to slip when the incline or downhill.
During teaching at SDN Denuh, had not thought of, if it will lead to achievement of service at the West Java Province. So for his dedication over the years, in order to educate the students of SDN Denuh Cikuya Village district. Culamega Kab. Tasikmalaya, to deliver himself to reach these achievements. Deded able to beat 16 other competitors in West Java.

Husband of E Umaisyaroh, and father of four children, sons and daughters that, once a week since the dawn depart from his house in Kampung Sukananjung Sukasetia Village district. Cisayong Kab. Tasikmalaya, devoted himself to the place in a remote village, with the distance of about 3.5 hours. He is day-to-day teaching sixth-grade students in SDN Denuh, since appointed in 2005.

Beginning as a teacher volunteer (volunteers), then he tried to tempt fate to become a CPNS (candidate civil servants), but it seems luck has not been attached to them so he must follow the testing of up to seven times. It was only in 2003, since graduation testing and was appointed as a temporary teacher aides (GBS), it is placed in the SDN Like Mukti district. Cisayong. Then after becoming a civil servant appointed since January 1, 2005, he was placed in Culamega from now.

According Deded, the initial move to SDN Denuh was quite apprehensive. Number of students recorded only 170 people who were taught by three teachers, one of which doubles the principal. Feel the existence of such a move had occurred to ask, but that moment he remembered that as a civil servant must be willing to be placed anywhere. "So if you remember it, I was discouraged to ask for a transfer. I tried to help and develop the school, so now the number of students carrying 225 people, with the number of teachers more than five teachers," said Deded.

When berbindang him, Deded said, the background of departure to the country of China, started from the race which starts from the teacher education unit that is in elementary school and competed to the district, provincial, and national level to obtain the award, which went to three provinces in China, aim to improve pengetahauan, skills, insights, experiences, and participants are expected to have a common perception and understanding, mastery of the career development of teachers and educators, basic education, as well as documentation of the results of a pilot implementation of partnerships, model coaching staff's primary school educators in China.

When leaving on 24 September to 3 October 2011 in China, Deded a visit to Guangxi Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, elementary and secondary schools in Naning, Nanjing, and Shanghai. There Bertem with ambassadors, the rectors, principals of elementary and junior high schools visited.

"There we held a networking event or workshop, as well as observations about the education in this provinces. That is essentially to improve the knowledge, skills, and insights of teachers who may be implemented in Indonesia, or at least in our own elementary school," he said.

Education is very prominent in China, continued Deded, namely the commitment of government to the facilities and infrastructure. With the facilities and infrastructure for a teacher, it is not difficult, because the media already available.

"Unlike in Indonesia, we are limited. There are tools, no media, just limited. So teachers Indonesia should be more creative, more innovative ways to carry out the study, with limited means. There is only a potential teacher, all readily available. It in education, "he said.
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