Monday, February 20, 2012

Curug Tonjong Tourism Potential

Perhaps for the City of Tasikmalaya not many people know about the existence of potential of tourism in the Castle District City Tasikmalaya, the waterfall Tonjong. Tonjong waterfall located in Kampung Village Cipeusing Setiawargi Castle District Tasikmalaya city. Located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level.
Tonjong waterfall is a waterfall that flows from rivers with high Cibangbay waterfall about 50 meters. The atmosphere is still very natural. At present, waterfall Tonjong obtain help from the center through Empowerment program Community-based environment (PLBK) or through the Ministry of Neighbourhood Development Welfare Coordinator RI. By managing the Village Setiawargi.
According to senior facilitator PNPM Castle District, Sis Mustaqim, the funds obtained by
Community self Agency (BKM) Setiawargi Village of Rp 1 billion. The grant given to the Village Setiawargi, as an appreciation to BKM revolving economy is good, good performance of UPK, BKM was good, and there is potential in area, both human and resource potential of natural resources, and readiness communities in the receiving fund.
Chosen for the application of funds waterfall Tonjong Rp 1 billion, based on the results
mapping organizations, as well as the results of community consultation in determining potential the region.
Tonjong waterfall development started since November 2011 and currently its development has been reached 70 percent. Facilities that have been built, among others, betonisasi roads, and A group of about 118 steps of stairs, to the waterfall area Tonjong. Then the gazebo
as many as 3 pieces, 1 toilet. While another 30 percent who have not built the betonisasi
advanced, kirmir, and gate.
Vice Mayor Tasikmalaya, Dede Sudrajat as Chairman of the Coordination Team Poverty Areas (TKPKD), and stay in touch while attending the Prophet's Birthday, which hosted by BKM Village Setiawargi, so appreciate what has been obtained by BKM Setiawargi Village. "Hope can be a model for other BKM Tasikmalaya city," said Dede Sudrajat.
Deputy Mayor said, thanks to the officials in the Village Setiawargi BKM are very solidarity, and always together with the government in giving out real contribution to regional poverty reduction efforts.
"With the construction of the development potential, particularly the tourism potential that exist in the Village Setiawargi, hopefully we can increase people's purchasing power, especially the Setiawargi, "says Dede.
In addition, urban neighborhoods have the same program in 2011 in the City of Tasikmalaya
Cipedes Nagarasari Village District.
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