Friday, February 24, 2012

She have no rectum hole, need cost of treatment

Syahdhea appearance (6), or often called Dhea, the only child of the couple Mamat (40) and Mrs. Siti (26) appeared normal mediocre. Dhea face cheerful and happy to mingle with their peers. However, day-to-day, Dhea harbored grief is very unusual, because she could not live a normal life like her friends. Pemalang girl from Central Java, who now lives at the Foundation for Islamic Education Islamic School District Buninagara Cipedes Tasikmlaya City, if she wanted to defecate has no anus, and if the bowel through the "Miss V".

From birth, Dhea physical disability by not having the anal canal. Born from a poor family, when a baby or within two months after birth, it is bowel through the vaginal opening. Instead there is no intention of parents' to go to hospital, but his parents did not have the cost for treatment.

But with the help of local government, at the age of two months, she underwent surgical creation of the anal canal, so they can defecate normally.

"Unfortunately, because of the parents including the poor, the artificial anus was not working properly, due to continued treatment is not done," said Wendi (30), Studio Theatre Tasikmalaya Community members, who are now dealing with issues affecting family life Dhea.

Finally, the artificial anus, closed again and she went back to not having the anal canal. But the will of the Almighty, says Wendi, until now Dhea bowel through the urethra. Although for a bowel movement can be done through the "Miss V", but she still suffers, because the condition after each bowel movement, "Miss V was" hurt.

Since a few months ago, Dhea with both parents living in a tenement or a hut, which was in the garbage dump in Cikurubuk Market Complex.

"Mamat, Dhea father, did his daily work as scavengers that rely on the life of used goods, which can be sold. Even as the residents who live in areas where junk, to meet the food Dhea and family, constantly make use of leftovers, which is still obtained from the edible garbage heap, "said Wendi, calling on the initiative of the members of the community, then Dhea deposited in the foundation.

The problem, said Wendi, for the cost of handling the illness Dhea and her father, Mamat, it is yet to exist. They are just waiting for "Gods Helper". "Frankly we were the only of the arts community raised their hands. For that, we hope there is good attention from the government of Tasikmalaya, and from philanthropists who want to help them, to preserve the life of Dhea and her family," said Wendi.

To find a fee, Dhea come together buskers on the street.
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