Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From America, Help Come to Dhea

Help for Syahdea (7) or used to be called Dhea from the Tasikmakaya City who do not have the anal canal continued to arrive. This time help came from the citizens of Indonesia who worked on Boeing aircraft industry in Seattle Washington USA. They touch the heart to set aside some sustenance after the news was published in PR Dhea Online publications, Tuesday (10/1).
Money collected amounted to Rp 15.400.000 and handed over Luqman Ibrahim who represent them on Dhea in Bandung on Monday (27/2). At that time, Dhea accompanied by Chairman of the Social Welfare Institute Children's Foundation for Islamic Education District Buninagara Cipedes Tasikmalaya City, Lilis Suryani.
"Thanks," Dhea said softly when he received the grant. Previously, from fundraising to be done from Tasikmalaya citizens, especially school children collected a fund of Rp 5,000,000.
Luqman said in addition to Dhea, such assistance has also been awarded employee of Boeing aircraft industry in Seattle, Washington United States to Resti, Toddlers in Cianjur who also had no anus in 2008. "They know this from the PR condition Dhea Online, January 10, 2012. After reading the news, then venture to raise money to help with medical expenses Dhea, "he said.
Lilis said Dhea planned to undergo surgery twice in Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung. The first operation is scheduled for Thursday (1/3) to create channels to defecate in the stomach. After that, if conditions are good to do a second operation, three months later. "A second surgery to make an actual anus in place," she explained.
Dhea who is the daughter of Mamat (40) and Siti (26) were referred hospitals Tasikmalaya to  RSHS. Children arrive at the Poly Dhea RSHS, January 19, 2012, from there the examination from the beginning. This was done to determine the actual condition of Dhea.
"Information assurance Dhea operation of RSHS accepted Monday, February 27, 2012, around 10:00 pm. Dhea has no anus so bowel through the vagina. For the purposes of treatment at RSHS, Dhea using Jamkesmas, but some antibiotics that should be bought, "he explained.
Lilis says Dhea found in Tasikmalaya Cikurubuk Markets, December 2011, when the Foundation for Teaching and Learning Studio Activities Street Children are traveling. Dhea is found alone. "We then escorted Dhea find her father, it turns out they live in a house like cardboard. Dhea father also has cancer around her neck, is currently Dhea father handled in Tasikmalaya , "she explained. (Yeni Ratnadewi)***
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