Monday, April 23, 2012

Daily News Leader by Showing Up Acrobatics in Motorcycles

Members of the Society of Automotive Tasikmalaya (POT) showing skills motorcycle ride on "Road Safety Partnership Action" on page Tasikmalaya City Police Headquarters.
They perform acrobatics on a motorbike, thus making the audience applauded. They have advanced standing style show. daily news leader be interesting to read every one.
According to the Head of the Police Operations Tasikmalaya City, Yono Kusyono, as Chairman of the Society of Automotive Tasikmalaya, members of that goes to the POT it generally is the student, students, and employees, including civil servants, and entrepreneurs.
Circle of Friends members always Automotive expression, it means delivering a wide range of hobby. For example, in the case that in fact the community is a modification of the container. In the positive instead of just hanging out at the curb, or convoy, but can do other positive activities, for Example spiritual activities every Friday night, and social activities to provide assistance to bhakti nursing homes, and orphans, "said Yono Kusyono.

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