Friday, May 25, 2012

Faribault Daily News: For the Three Months, Not Status Alert Withdrawn

by: Amalia

This time the Faribault Daily News tells the story of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) has not revoked the alert status of Mount Galunggung Tasikmalaya in force since February 12, 2012. PVMBG has added four seismic recording device so that the first alert status pascaletusan 1982-1983, the earthquake could be monitored intensively.

"The addition of four seismic recorders made ​​a month ago. So now there are five earthquake recording device," said Officer Galunggung Volcano Observation Post Geological PVMBG Ucu Insan Kamil when found in the Post Historic, Village Sayuran, Village / District Padakembang, Tasikmalaya District, Friday (18/5).

Ucu said recording device is installed in four villages in the Village / District Sukaratu. All four are Kampung Pasirbentang, Pasirmalang, Parentas, and Malaganti. "So in total there are two Pasirbentang with existing tools for this. Distance Pasirbentang to the lip of the crater about a kilometer," he said.

Throughout May 2012, continued Ucu, once an earthquake has occurred with low vibrations. While in April 2012, an earthquake occurred four times. However, by PVMBG Ucu said that the center can not necessarily be the basis of lower status Galunggung be normal.

"Because water is brownish yellow crater with temperatures reaching 36 degrees celsius. On February 8, 2012 even 40 degrees Celsius," he said. Characteristics are different when normal status of the crater that is light green water with a temperature of 26-27 degrees centigrade.

He added erupting Mount Galunggung cycle of events over the years, going 24-64 years. The first eruption occurred in 1822, then 1894, 1918, and 1982-1983.

Traffic Down

Meanwhile, the Head of Tourism and Culture said Maryana Oyeng Tasikmalaya District since the enactment of the alert status at the visit attractions Galunggung down about 75 percent each month.

"Every week is less than the 1000-2000 visitors, especially if the holiday could be more than that. Now only about 25 percent are coming to Galunggung almost nonexistent," said Oyeng.

Under these conditions, he said, would greatly affect the nominal revenue (PAD). "At last year's donation from Galunggung tourism sector to reach 350 million in revenue. For this year certainly go down," he explained.

Oyeng still trying to restore the traveling public interest to Galunggung. "The status alert is not meant to be feared. But exactly how to socialize to the community," he explained.

According to Postal officials Ucu any observer, the alert status in just a 500 meter radius of the crater that must be avoided. While in the crater rim (top of the stairs) and Cipanas, are safe to visit.
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