Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dini Reach Achievement Due to Garbage

For some people, the presence of garbage always makes scorn and always ignored. But, for the Dini (15), a student of class IX SMPN5 Tasikmalaya, precisely where the garbage was the inspiration for her, for achievement.
Youngest daughter of three children of the family and the Sri Maman, that made his name skyrocketed, and the topic of conversation among educators. Sensitivity to make she name lifted garbage, even the name of the school and the government of Tasikmalaya.
Through the competition arena and she wrote the ins and outs as well as the garbage problem in the city of Tasikmalaya, she work ultimately makes her achievement and prestige in the eyes of the teachers and her friends.
"Everything was started without a plan," said Dini, when started she conversation. Dini recently entered the top ten on the inter-SMP Competition Sanitation in West Java in 2013.

"At that time, the school tells me that there is contest sanitation. At first I ignored it. However, when the mother of Ai Tin, a teacher at the school continues to provide support, I finally willing to participate as well. So with her guidance, I managed to make writing for the contest, "said Dini. Since then, she began writing about the garbage sent to the email address of the organizers of the contest, as the initial condition.
"Then, I went to Bandung. There I compete with many representatives of junior students in West Java. Each competitor brings their work. Then, present it in front of the judges, "the story of Dini.
The theme papers presented Dini, "Processing of household plastic waste into economically valuable products".  Equipped with the results of a bag made from coffee packs. "Not even a bit thought, I could get in the top ten," she recalled.

Separately, Chief SMPN5 Tasikmalaya, Asep Rusyadi, when contacted admitted, it was proud of its student achievement. "What accomplishments she achieved in the field of garbage, because it let alone for achievement, this time it is difficult teenagers can hang out there and take advantage of garbage," he said. As a token of appreciation of the achievements of Dini school, freeing Asep school tuition for several months.
In other fields, Dini also won the event "3R Expo" 2013, an event contest management independent garbage utilize the concept of 3R (reduce, re-use, recycle), which was initiated by the Department of Human Settlements, Spatial Planning and Health Tasikmalaya. The results of his work in the form of lanterns and spoons made from plastic bottles, managed to captivate the judges and make it a Second Champion. At that time, Dini compete with 25 groups getting special training from the agency.
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