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Daily News Record Curriculum Implementation Towards 2013

Daily news record: The government really trying to encourage the implementation of Curriculum 2013 readiness in the academic year 2014/2015. Once ready to distribute textbooks, recently the teachers in Tasikmalaya, in turn receive the education and training of the new curriculum appropriate education.
Implementation of education and training, tailored to school subjects and levels. For example, teachers of subjects of class VII and VIII as many as 1,624 junior high teacher turn invoked education and training in eight workforce, which is placed in the SMP and SMP 10 5 Tasikmalaya. So even the same projection to approximately 790 elementary and high school / vocational school.

According to the Head Office of Basic Education Curriculum Education Tasikmalaya, Dadang Yudistira, Tasikmalaya government in implementing education and training curriculum was just facilitating place and call participants. As for its implementation, by LPMP Jabar elementary and high school level by P4PK Language and Literature Department of National Education Ministry.
"Deservedly we are grateful for the education and training curriculum. This investment in human resources (SDM) outstanding education, "said Dadang.
The teachers follow the education and training of the new curriculum mastery respectively for five days.
Towards the implementation of Curriculum 2013, the North following the teachers in Tasikmalaya education and training followed by elementary school teachers (SD) District of Kadipaten and the District Ciawi. Education and training curriculum was centered on SDN Pakemitan 3, District Ciawi.
Chairman of the classes in education and training, Yoga Nugraha said, he and his colleagues take part in education and training over the four days. The number of participant’s education and training entourage carrying 160 people.
As for the teachers who received the call education and training, comprised of teachers, grade 2 and grade 5 teachers. Implementation from June 23 to 26. He follows the orientation of the new curriculum is geared to improve the quality of education. Implementation of Curriculum 2013 will begin in the academic year 2014/2015.
A total of 73 teachers of SMK (vocational high school) in South Tasikmalaya education and training following the implementation of Curriculum 2013. Activities initiated education and training Kemendikbud RI was concentrated in SMK Bantarkalong, Hegarwangi Village, South Tasikmalaya.
The team of instructors who are assigned Kemendikbud RI, TeMy Syamsu Taufiq explains, education and training of teachers was conducted in order to master the curriculum content in 2013, and is ready to implement the new academic year 2014/2015 simultaneously.
There are differences in the implementation of Curriculum 2013 and the previous curriculum, among other things, said TeMy, assessment of school students is not only based on the results of the value, or sheer numbers. We will also look at other aspects of students, consisting of soft skills (ability), the question of intelligence (IQ), and moral (character). The whole achievement of the values
​​will be described in the results of students' learning abilities.
"If only value is high, but less good aspects of mind and character, it will reduce. So, not only physical in nature but also pay attention to psychology students, "said TeMy.
Meanwhile, the head of SMK Bantarkalong, Taryo welcomed both by education and training curriculum 2013 for the teachers. All teachers receive a briefing to the software.
"At least with the education and training of all teachers are not familiar with the new curriculum, and later implement it well to students. Even teachers are expected to be prepared and know what to do with their students, "said Taryo.***
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