Sunday, October 19, 2008

Body Nurhayati sent home from Saudi Arabia

After three months, more than died in Saudi Arabia (10/6-2008), to find Nurhayati Binti Utang (28), Household Employers of Migrants origin Kampung Regol RT / RW 01/05, Village Sindangmekar Subdistrict Wanaraja, Garut regency, Friday (17/10) at 23:30 WIB. arrived at the mourning house.
Arrival Nuryhayati the corpse was brought by ambulance to use Advocacy Division of Migrant Care (Perhimpunan Indonesia's sovereign For Migrant Workers), Nur Harsono, greeted sob the family hysterical weeping, superior the second master, Utang and Titin.
Meanwhile, his daughter, Eva (9) seemingly invisible sad. Perhaps he is not aware if the hearse that brought it is time to find his mother who died four months more than six days ago. Also in attendance welcomed the presence at that time to find survivors, the Head of Public Relations Pemkab Garut, Drs. Dikdik HENDRAJAYA, M. Si, Camat Subdistrict Wanaraja, Drs. Jajat Darajat, M. Si, Kapolsek Wanaraja, PPA. Budiman, also representatives from the Office of Manpower and Transmigration Social Garut regency, as well as dozens of family members and local communities.
the next day, Saturday (18/10) at around 08.30 WIB the late new to the family cemetery, which is not far from her house. The atmosphere should be a re-coloring funeral ceremony. Sob not stop weeping accompany the parents and sister-younger, especially when key casket was opened to ensure that the find is really to find Nurhayati.

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