Monday, October 20, 2008

Riekeu "Oneng" Diah Pitaloka Hoping Garut more conducive

Movie stars, and players Rather Riekeu "Oneng" Diah Pitaloka visible in the present campaign pairing regent candidate / prospective vice regent District Garut, Rudi H - Oim off the field in the Merdeka Eshowe cemetery, Monday (20/10).
Although the city has long Garut leave and living in Jakarta, as many as a busy as bee with the shooting of the movie, and other events, but Riekeu "Oneng" Im always expect to Pitaloka front of the City of Hope, as their hometowns, can be more developed and developing. To be develope the certain forward and certainly in a
positive sense. On the contrary had not developed and developing things in the negative, so that hurt the people.
"Always, the people must understand, if choose leaders of good and clean, and have the faith to promote the Garut. If we do not blame the origin of selecting leaders finaly if we only selfish by corruption," said Oneng player in the hardball patron Bajay , After
a campaign in the Merdeka Field off cemetery Garut.
In her campaign, Riekeu also request all the people of Garut, in order not tempted by the prospective partner to share-share money to attract public sympathy. But if the prospective arrival of so her said, the money is receive, but not selected in a later election.
"If there is one candidate who gives money is good receive. But remember, we do not choose candidates who try to attract regents sympathy with the community to share-share money," says Riekeu that is now recorded as a management center Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP).
Discussed the reasons for his cross from the resurrection of the nation to the PDIP, Riekeu not give her comment. "The problem is Mah atuh not asked here, because once story to long," he said while rushing to leave a number of journalists and to have the car ready her raid home.

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