Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KPU Garut cooperating State Prosecutors

General Elections Commission (KPU) District Garut collaborate with State rosecutors (Kejari) on completion of the legal field Civil Administration and the State, in order to anticipate the various the possibility of legal problems that appear during aintenance the selection of regents and deputy regent (pilbup) Garut in 2008. The signing of the cooperation script is done KPU Chairman of the District Garut, M. Iqbal Santoso, and the head Kejari (Kajari) Garut, Agus Trihandoko, in the hall office Kejari Garut Jl. Ahmad Yani, Tuesday ‎(21/10).
The event was attended by all members of KPU and the KPU Secretariat, and the
Kejari officials Garut. After signing the cooperation script ‎, the Chairman of the KPU, M. Iqbal Santoso, accompanied members of KPU field and publication law, Dadang Sudrajat explained, in cooperation with prosecutors conducted primarily as a step to resolve legal issues, particularly in the field of law and civil administration country. It requires a good handling outside the court and in the courts. ‎"KPU's a lot of products that required public policy and very vulnerable legal claim. The parties can not feel satisfied to make a claim through legal channels, " said Dadang.
With such cooperation, said Dadang, open to the KPU consult with the district attorney about the legal issues related of pilbup. So that the KPU can ask for assistance consideration and services, even legal action from prosecutors. In it, prosecutors can act as counsel for KPU.‎

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