Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Regent Seven Parties Candidates / Vice Regent of Garut Follow Public Dialogue

Efforts to push each other at the entrance between members Dalmas Polres Garut with visitors who want to enter Graha Intan Balarea Garut few minutes before the event started, see the event coloring Public Dialogue seven prospective partner (paslon) regents / vice regent Garut period 2009-2014, Wednesday (22/10).
However, owing to energy officials, who urged the visitors want to enter the room that can be managed, and one by one they showed the invitation as a sign of entry, and it does not disrupt the atmosphere of the event dialogue.
The event was held by the KPU Kab. Garut in efforts to end the campaign field. According to the KPU Chairman of the District Garut, Drs H Iqbal Santoso, in an effort to end the series of campaigns in the field, the next event held Public Dialogue, with the panelist consist of, Hary Sudrajat (Director SCBD / "Sustanable Capasity
Building Development"), the project development capacity (regional government apparatus) development cooperation with the government of the ADB. Hary Sudrajat present dialogue with the material development. While most teachers Unpar, Arief Sidharta put material on the field of law, and Asep Saefudin (IPB) on Economic Affairs.
Events that began around 1400 hrs, beginning with the delivery of vision mission paslon with serial numbers 1 to 7 each for 5 minutes. When events take place, in the midst of delivering the vision the mission of supporting some candidates who distribute books vision mission to the panelis, and less. Known only to see views of the KPU members to make field and Publication Law, Dadang Sudrajat, S. Pd to stop such action. Meanwhile, brochures from some of the other narrowly distributed
to the panelist, forced stored on the table by the committee.
In the event that enough to be the center of attention is hundreds less being with a whistle blast from the committee, because there pair of candidates exceeds the time specified. Meanwhile, the seat row support team and Ceng Fikri and Chandra Diky see Pierrot, Sule (SOS), with some players Other endeavors.

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