Friday, October 24, 2008

KPU Garut Not Use System Quick Qount

To avoid the occurrence of public opinion that one, in the implementation the calculation of votes in the election results election regent and vice regent Garut the period 2009-2014, the General Election Commission (KPU) has decided to Garut regency do not use the system quick count.
According to the KPU Secretary Garut regency, Mlenik Moumeriadi, Friday (24/10), policy taken KPU Garut not use the system for quick count it will be because of concerns can affect public opinion. Deep the implementation of the results of the calculation of the sound pilbup / pilwabup Garut later, KPU will only using the system Short Message Service (SMS) via mobile phone, cooperation with Telkomsel.
"Once completed in the calculation of the polling stations, the official polling stations will be directly send a voice message in the results of the calculation of the polling stations will each to
KPU officials," said Mlenik. Calculation of the sound system via the SMS results will be more accurate to know the results of the overall system than the quick count The nature tend to only as a sample only. For further results the calculation of votes will be shown on the big screen will be installed in the KPU. Thus, people can see the expected results the voice.
KPU, according to Mlenik, is not responsible for the results of the calculation of the sound a quick count carried out by other parties, especially the pair of supporting candidates. For, until now the government does not have any cooperation with survey or other similar institutions to do a quick calculation of the vote count. Thus, if there are institutions that perform the calculation of the quick count and the results disseminated, then it is outside the responsibility of KPU.

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