Saturday, October 25, 2008

Village Empowerment Fund Could be Melted

The village head (Kades) demanded that two liquefaction termyn to Rp 65 million empowerment of the funds sourced from the village of Rp 135 million for the cost of operational, the village government apparatus, infrastructure, and physical and economic ultimately can immediately carried out. It will be paid after some time that the village head Coordinate to be Kades Galih Pakuan district Balubur Limbangan buzz down to ask the BPMKL (body of community empowerment and environmental resilience of the people) Garut District.
The village head said Galih Pakuan, Slamet Riyadi, who questioned the Kades the remaining funds for the empowerment of Physical and economic Rp 65 million, to used immediately. Because at the end of the year assistance should be made the report evaluated after the implementation of the previous.
"If these funds are not liquid, also will soon be implemented when development these. Then what should be reported, if the activities have not been implemented as a result of the assistance is not given, "he said. due by the parties several times come to the Office BPMKL, for questioning it.
Meanwhile, the first phase operational assistance allocated for the cost of operational and TPPAD (repair expense allowance village officials) of Rp 35 Million, has been given several months ago.
Head BPMKL Garut regency, Drs Agus Salim, accompanied MSi Kabid resilience villagers (KMD), Drs Erwin Suwitno in the office said, liquefaction empowerment of the remaining funds of Rp 65 million, the actual living body contact financial management area (BPKD) Garut district. Because, the money is in BPKD and the government only after the administration and collection requirements SPJ form (of liability) of the first stage.
"Actually there is money in BPKD, but most of the kades not submit SPJ The first phase, as a condition for the disbursement assistance to stage two, " he said. Village of 403, 204 new villages that have delivered the report, so live waiting disbursement of these funds. Meanwhile, to withdraw funds recommendation from the Vice Regent of Garut, Drs Memo Hermawan.

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