Saturday, October 18, 2008

Planting Optic Cables Damaged Roads

Bina Marga District Office Garut forced to fly to the letter wig PT Telkom
recently, due to the planting of optic telephone cable in some places in Garut. Planting optic cable is considered to cause damage to roads.
Head of the Office of Bina Marga District Garut, Herdian S Sukarsa, said, despite dismantling the road can not be avoided in the implementation planting optic cable project owned by PT Telkom, but it should be if the planting the cable was completed, the former demolition is directly repaired such as the return home.
Head of Branch Telkom Garut, Dian Risdiansah, when the government has admitted
receive a letter of reprimand from the Office of the Binamarga. However, he asserts,
The withdrawal Fiber Optic cable in Garut, this is not the only PT Telkom corporation but a number of others, namely Three, XL, and Indosat.
He explains, the project pullout Fiber Optic Telkom made in the Garut It is also not Kancatel Garut except that PT Telkom Divre III Jabar, which is coordinated by Kandatel Tralee in the reporting process administration. Meanwhile Kancatel Garut itself as the only user so manufacture Fiber Optic project pullout is complete.
However, said Dian, based on reports it receives, the vendor work has been working with the Office Binamarga that improvements the way (former excavation, red.) will be done by the executors of the Office Binamarga.
"Regretfully, I can not explain further because it does not yet have the data
complete this matter. Pulitzer day (yesterday, red.) Are in this the beadle Tralee. But, I also will not have to check right there Binamarga cooperation with the vendor, and how the shape," he said.

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