Thursday, October 16, 2008

Request Straight Increased Water Supply

While the last few days in this rain swift in the District Garut, but it can not guarantee the availability of water for drinking the people there. Demand for water continues to rise to the Company Regional Water Supply (PDAM) Tirta Dharma Garut regency.
However disclosed Dirut PDAM Tirta Dharma Garut, Ahmad Ayub, SE Thursday (16/10). According to him, the demand for water supply comes at the most Garut area of the north, including Subdistrict Cibatu, Leuwigoong, Warburton, Malangbong, Cilawu, and Leles. To help water shortage drinking experienced citizens, the party almost every day to do delivery of water to the district that is needed.
"During the request meets the procedure, we will serve. Process the request itself must be first through the village and district local, "said Job.
But admitted his side up to now can not meet all the demand from citizens, given the existence of some obstacles, particularly the the lack of water floatation tank fleet. "On the other requests water supply continues to increase, on the other we still lack fleet to carry the water, "he added.
4 units with tanks capacity 5 thousand liters in the taps at this time, he added, he still felt overwhelmed to meet water demand The proposed citizens, especially in the peak demand. So to be able to fulfilling, the very require the addition of the fleet.

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