Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Landslides Threaten Villages Kertajaya

Steve dyson in his blog reviewing regional newspapers, hosted by holdthefrontpage, today  shows what regional evening newspapers have lost by printing early and losing the ability to run live on the day news. Evening newspapers le monde and les echos were not expected to come  out on tuesday, and the rest of the national press not to appear on  wednesday. They are supposed to be professionals - and compared to evening newspapers - they are.

Dozens of residents who live in Kampung Desa Kertajaya Karanglayung District Karangjaya Tasikmalaya regency feel is concerned, because the house they lived in for decades constantly eroded landslides. Below the village they live in soil movement has occurred continues to widen.
When it rains, the condition of the soil cracks continue to grow so that the condition of the land in the township residents already vanish under more than one meter.
Retrieved information, shifting soil have occurred since a month ago. Originally only a small crack, but along with the high intensity of rain, conditions continued to swell. Home residents who are now in danger of whom belong to Enceng, Ali, Ace, Rahmat, Muhaemin, IIp, Heni, and Abdul Manaf Abdul Kodir which is located just around the landslide disaster.
According to Tatang (42) local residents, current residents began to worry about the continued widening of ground motion that occurred in its territory. Now the movement of the land was right on the edge of the road connecting the village of Kampung Citamba and Kertajaya.
Odang explained, the movement of soil in the area have occurred since five years ago. Little by little the land that was originally a mountain collapsed and now his condition has continued to widen and is not suitable to live.
Whereas previously in that location there is a ball field voly, Komarudin's house and pool.
According to residents, just below the township residents have water springs, so that the land in the surrounding water continues until eventually lead to the movement of eroded soil around the location of the township. Plus labile soil conditions until absolute move when crushed rain.
Residents have much to anticipate including by way of fence in the bottom of the ground with bamboo, but these efforts not being successful. Instead of ground motion continues to occur. Society hopes that the government could immediately take to the township antisifasi they do not follow the movement of eroded soil.
If the movement of land in Kampung Kertajaya continue to occur, the only way Ayang exist in the region would also eroded. As a result of two villages that surround villages namely Kampung Kertajaya inventorize and Kampung would Citambal isolated. Ascertained paralyzed traffic flow.
He said the condition of ground motion has now been spent Part of the shoulder, so that residents who crossed the line must be careful.
The only way most with to be castle it also must be from the bottom of the course takes a very big budget.
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