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Indonesian Independence

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Things You Should Know About Indonesian Independence 

Each ahead of Indonesian independence anniversary, we continue to be assigned to the task organizers. On the formation of any committee member, not just parents alone, but also adolescents and youth participated in it.
After the committee is formed through deliberation, then held a meeting to seek funding again. After that, all committee members participate into homes expecting delivery of funds. Various feelings are united in seeking funds to house the population, how not, feelings of shame and feelings of obligation to succeed Indonesia's independence ceremony, mixed into one. Finally, feelings of shame should be ignored, and we need the spirit of trying to succeed in the event of Indonesian independence.
When funds have been collected from donors, there arises a new problem that is not appropriate funds collected by the target. But, the committee was not discouraged, then with the potluck fund, the committee simply to package a variety of events, but interesting. For example, organizing children's games include racing marbles, sack race, racing clog. cracker eating contest, and others.

From year to year to enliven the party of Indonesia's independence in our village are always successful. But in the current year, in addition to coincide with the holy month of fasting, too many houses in the neighboring village hit by flood. This year, we are not forced to hold an independence party generally festive. But, this time just put a red and white flag in every house, and installing decorative lights in the post security post.

Floods that struck the area south of Tasikmalaya pretty good. Heavy rains continuing since last few days in the area of Tasikmalaya Regency lead to catastrophic flooding in some places. Especially in the area since Saturday South Tasikmalaya which resulted in dozens of homes, dozens of hectares of rice fields, and ponds owned by residents, floods, broken, and broken. Lane road at some point in Tasikmalaya south had been lost.

Reportedly, the road Sindangreret Cidadap paralyzed for a day at the Kampong Cikeruh coincidence, because the water reached waist height with an adult length of about 200 meters. While in the Village Ciawi water conditions are also brimming with a height reaching the adult knee. Had cut off road access is also happening in the Village Bantarkalong, District Cipatujah Cijalu rivers overflowed due to the access road Karangnunggal - Cipatujah disconnected.
Many residents were forced to travel to Cipatujah turnaround and the idea. While the Karangnunggal Village, sub-district Karangnunggal eight houses belonging to residents inundated. No wonder they had fled to a neighbor's house whose condition is more secure.
According to the Village Head Karangnunggal, Tatang Bahtiar, other than citizens of submerged houses, hundreds of hectares of rice fields and ponds are also a lot of people who collapsed. "Swimming's entrepreneurs who planted rice stall at the Village 8 quintal Cikupa floods also washed away," he said.
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