Sunday, June 22, 2014

Al Hidayah Madrasah Aliyah Students Graduating Prime

Daily news journal contact. Having undergone several stages of the academic process, since its establishment in 2012, the end of the foundation managers and teachers of Al-Hidayah Madrasah Aliyah Village Wangunsari Bantarkalong District of Tasikmalaya district, very excited.
They are happy because they can pass the first batch of students. All teaching staff is all excited and parents. They welcomed the success of their children after three years of studying. Excitement was visible when held a farewell ceremony 28 students, who passed on Sunday (15/6) in the school yard.
Happiness and excitement seems clearly illustrated in the face the entire faculty, which is responsible for the success of all students graduating in the first class. As the Chairman of the Committee, Moh. Yedi Sugiman, with the success of the students of class XII passed with pretty good results, make them proud, and have a positive impact for all the great family of Al Hidayah Madrasah Aliyah Village Sub district Wangunsari Bantarkalong. With all students successfully graduated the first batch, making confidence, and encouragement for higher achievement, both for the teaching staff, as well as younger students, and prospective students of the school year 2014/2015.
Head of Al-Hidayah Madrasah Aliyah, Ishaq Abdul Patah admit, graduation students who achieve one hundred percent, is clear evidence of the hard work of all parties, be it a board of trustees, faculty, students, and parents.
"We are satisfied with the results of the hard work of all parties. School students were able to pass prime. That success will be the trigger to further improve all the needs, as well as other achievements achievement. Today, we begin to build two new classrooms, and other facilities. While the number of teachers carrying 23 people. Another important effort is to implement the accreditation process for the sake of further enhancing the quality of schools.

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