Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Socialization 2014 Presidential Election Voters

Tasikmalaya District Secretary, which is represented by Assistant Public Welfare Administration and the Regional Secretariat, Budi Utarma followed, socialization for the 2014 presidential election voters Beginners in SMA 1 Taraju, Tasikmalaya District, on Tuesday (06/17/2014).
Presidential Candidate No. 1 is a pair of Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa and Presidential Candidate No. 2 is Jokowi - Jusuf Kala.
Budi said, the government expects the voters to exercise its right, as well as possible in the presidential election, because the participation of the students will determine the future of the nation in the future.
"Pick and vice presidential candidates based on conscience. Rates clearly the vision-mission, lest we incite the black campaign, let alone to participate do so. Additionally, take the nearest relatives, or neighbors, in order to exercise the rights voting in the presidential election. Avoid not choose or be white classes," he said.
Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the Commission Tasikmalaya Regency, Ima Budi Rahayu said, the president's election may be a success as the implementation of the legislative elections some time ago. Participation of students will determine who the presidential candidate and later elected representative. "Be a democratic society, use your right to vote, because it is the right thing that we must maintain," he said.
On that occasion also took place and answer session by the students with a variety of questions, such as democracy, black campaign, voting procedures, etc.
Present on the occasion, Commissioner District Election Commission Tasikmalaya, Ima Budi Rahayu, Camat Taraju, Sobari, Head SMAN 1 Taraju, as well as teachers, students and participants socialization.
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