Sunday, June 15, 2014

Get Ready to Enjoy Tasikplus Newspaper

On 24 may 2014, coinciding with national awakening Day, we began to join the General Tasikplus Newspapers. With the hope that the newspaper is more developed, and is certainly developing talent and insight that we have.
Originally, we and friends want to make new Paper, but because there are quotes from the managers of the newspaper Tasikplus, so we decided to join them. Why on May 20, 2014 set as day or moment of resurrection Tasikplus? Because there is already a Tasikplus and Newspaper stands since 3 years ago.
With the moment of the resurrection, the newspaper Tasikplus published with new face, new design, and the new Manager, with the hope of developing more again in the future. Among them are expected to sell more of circulation, obtaining more advertising, and Newspaper face look more attractive, for sale to our loyal readers.

We join the General Tasikplus newspapers, not simply merge it outright, but rather through a meeting or discussion between the Manager and journalist. Many entries from journalists, among them the existence of additional income, it is expected the newspaper Manager journalists heeded, more and more welfare increase.
With the intent and spirit of the new, then the newspaper circulation was with the appearance of new faces. All managers and journalists eagerly bent on developing a new Newspaper.
As is known, the newspaper was published as usual i.e. Monday. The reporters and editors to work since Friday night. General Tasikplus newspapers in circulation, not only in the town of Tasikmalaya, but also circulates in the corners of the countryside, such as the District of Cipatujah, Karangnunggal, Cibalong village near, and surrounding areas. In the East, a newspaper circulated to District Cibeureum, Manonjaya, and Cineam. In the western part of circulating in Singaparna, Salawu sub district, and Taraju. While in the North, the newspaper circulating in the District, the Duchy Pagerageung, Ciawi, Rajapolah, Indihiang, Sukaratu, and so on.
Based on the testimony of the readers, display appearance the newspaper is now more attractive and dynamic, with more refined artistic management. So with the appearance of which is now expected to be even more readers, and its circulation increases.
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