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Long holiday Galunggung Quiet Forest Tourism Visitor

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Galunggung ecotourism area in the Village Linggajati Sukaratu District, Tasikmalaya District, empty, in spite of the long holiday from Friday to Sunday yesterday. Several visitors admitted, still haunted by feelings of anxiety about the breakdown of information Galunggung crater lip, and others complained about the high price of tickets and parking, which they must pay in every place visited.

Information obtained, the number of visitors on Saturday not more than 500 people, both leading tourist area or crater Galunggung Cipanas. They only consist of a number of family groups or large cities of origin of local tourists from Tasikmalaya.
The visitors who use motorcycles, tickets must be paid Rp 11.400 and parked in the area Cipanas Rp 1000, and in the crater area Galunggung Rp 2000.
"It is based on information in print media or television Galunggung mention if the crater cracks, caused by the earthquake some time ago, then again there is no explanation about the circumstances of the government. Therefore, we had hesitated to come here, but finally here, because after asking fro and be reassured if the area is safe, "said Henry (40) visitors from Jakarta.
Henry who came by car to say, entrance fee at tourist areas are relatively expensive and must be paid again at the time to enjoy the tourist area that were served in it. "It's not much like the park, but why not withdrawn from the gate entrance only and should not be separated? Moreover, management of resort areas nothing has changed, since a few years ago we were visiting here just so-so, 'said Henry, who spent around Rp 50.000 just in entrance fees and parking only.
In the tourist area Cipanas Galunggung, visitors were treated to a hot water bath, and cozy place for chatting with family in the woods complete with waterfall. While in the crater area Galunggung, they were treated to the view from the top of the mountain after a jogging track by climbing 620 steps, and the former crater terrifying eruption of 1982.
"What makes me wonder and want to laugh that when I swim in the pool area Cipanas tour, enter the locker room and shower rooms should be back paid the ticket. New to this place I entered the swimming pool and rooms rinse it must pay, but where any swimming pool, shower rooms whose name was already there and free for visitors, "said Tata Sutiana (35) tourists from Bogor.
Meanwhile, the Admission Officers Wana Wisata Galunggung, Jana admitted, the number of tourist visits to the region is relatively small, when compared with other holiday seasons. "Though already explained if Galunggung safe for visitors, cracks caused by earthquakes in the crater area does not actually exist and is not harmful to visitors," said Jana.

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