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Guest Named Obama

By H. Usep Romli H.M.

For Muslims, the guest is an important matter. Respect and honor guests an integral part of trust (faith) to God Almighty and the Last Day. A history of sound hadith of Imam Bukhari said, "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, honor the guest."

This is also the underlying tradition Sundanese community in the affairs of guests. Visitors to the house, is the bearer of blessings. Because the guest has the meaning "tata jeung semu". Tata means good behavior, false show of polite, friendly, humble. Thus, a room full of happily accepted by the natives, really bringing improvements moral behavior, discipline toward human relationship of mutual respect.

Further than that, a guest in the teachings of Islam can be associated with the pilgrimage. The Umrah pilgrims or visitors is called God (duyufur rahman). They were honored by God with a "invitation" to come to the Holy Land. The guests of God the congregation, welcomed the special invitation by reading talbiyah "labaik Allahumma Labbaik" (as I fulfill summons, which God, I fill your call). The guests of Allah SWT is, ready to implement all guest requirements. The guests were also to carry out procedures for "guest" which has been determined. Like wearing ihram cloth from the straw, and said the intention Hajj / Umrah in it, comply with the prohibitions ihram, perform a series of worship tawaf (around the Kaaba seven times), sa'i (running from Safa to Marwah left behind seven times), ending with "tahallul" (cutting hair). For the pilgrimage, complete with Standing at Arafat on 9 Dhul-Hijjah, throwing Jumrah Aqabah on 10 Dhul-Hijjah, and Mabit in Mina on 10-12 or 13 Dhul-Hijjah, for throwing Jumrah Small (Ula), Wustha (middle), and Aqabah (big) , 2-3 times within 2-3 days in a row before returning to Mecca.
That obligation guests likened "mayyit cal" ( "like a corpse"). No acting up, do not be arrogant in the face of the native. Moreover, native is the God Almighty.

Among guests who have the honor honorable degree, with the guest's position as a "corpse", is the balance of harmony. Natives do not making this up in honor guest. It's perfectly natural. Guests also do not require excessive. Moreover, he was simply "bodies" that do not have any power in the presence of natives, although it bears the obligation native glory.

Do not let guests order connotes both as quasi jeung, which translates into “matak hese nu boga imah” catering. Yes, because guests are supposed to bring joy, blessing for the natives, even cause shocks hatred, prejudice, and negative prejudices.

In this last context, perhaps we can judge the United States visit of President Barack Obama to Indonesia, this week. Some natives from among the Muslims, refused his arrival. As for the arrival of U.S. President, George W. Bush, a few years ago, Obama's plan also welcomed the arrival of the protests, statements, and the attitude of rejection. Especially since Obama's arrival associated with the statement the White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs (12 / 3), that Obama's visit to Indonesia is very important. Given Indonesia as an important partner of the United States and Indonesia is very strategic area for the security and the world economy. The statement was thought to contain a negative indication. U.S. will make Indonesia subordinate the interests of the superpower in the economic field (global capitalism) and international interventions (co-optation of the Islamic world). Through the capitalist economy and the political and military co-optation, Indonesia will become part of the clinging of various kinds to U.S. interests in the Far East.

However, it was just sort of presumption principle was not discourse. Probably not the case. Or not impossible, bigger and even better hidden agenda (hidden agenda) that brought Obama to Indonesia. If you just look at the school where he studied four-five months in childhood, enjoying the beauty of Bali and Borobudur, too shallow for a President Obama. Surely he wanted something even bigger than Indonesia.

Moreover, visits to the country that had just shot dead a terrorist, very risky, if only the roads and indulgence in nostalgia.

In closing, the following excerpt anecdotes about Alexander The Great (3rd century BC), King of Macedonia, who had conducted military aggression and destroy Babylon (Iraq), Persia (Iran), Afghanistan, and India. He visited the areas and will never was eliminated, and asked an old man in it:

"You know me?"

"Of course. You are the child's father and mother, a drop of water comes from the repulsive and the carcass will become too disgusting. "

"That's past and future. Do you know the my present? "

"You're making a little kindness, and remove them with a lot of crime."

"You dare to speak so to a good Alexander war?"

"Yes, I dare because I know the past, present, and future."

What Obama deserves identified with Alexander the Great? Wallahualam .***

Writer, poet Sundanese cultural, activist message of Islam.

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