Friday, March 12, 2010

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Employee Fraud Victim Person PDAM Growing

The number of victims who do suspect fraud SS officers PDAM (Regional Water Company) Tasikmalaya Sukapura Tirta continues to rise, and so far has recorded 8 victims who reported to Satreskim Polresta Tasikmalaya. Of the eight victims was one of them came from Ciamis. While SS suspects surrendered to police after he was reported by one of his victims.
Kapolresta Tasikmalaya, Ajun Large Commissioner, Aries Syarief Hidayat, accompanied by Kasatreskrim Ajun Commissioner Harso Pudjo Hartono confirmed, it has been the arrival of 8 victims. Of the eight victims were the suspect made a fortune of about Rp 10 billion more. "Once they know the suspects in custody, the victims continued to arrive in the last few days," said Harso, Thursday (11/3).

According Kasatreskrim, it has made news investigation show (BAP) of the reporting witness the 8 victims. "They had us turn to the information to be included into the BAP and the BAP that they serve as witnesses the victim," he said.
In an effort to disclose these cases, both the number of suspects and victims could be increased. "The case was still being developed, so the possibility of victims will continue to grow, especially my friends heard the taps were a victim, and when he saw a very large loss rate, then the suspect could be increased because there is the possibility of money received by the defendant distributed back to the other side, "he said.
Kasatreskrim ask, for those who feel harmed and not reported to immediately notify the officer. "I expect the report was carrying evidence, but if no evidence can also bring witnesses. It was very helpful at all in solving this case, and also help to victims themselves because if it later proved, and no suspects belongings could be saved, so they can offset against their losses, according to those who have been reported, "he said.
Meanwhile, a victim who is reluctant Ciamis origin of anonymity admitted, he suffered a loss of hundreds of millions of rupiah. "I first became interested because it would be substantial interest of 5 percent per month, so I want to save money to the SS. After several months is well within the return, so when offered another 5 percent interest per week, I had to add more investment. Even I had ever asked the SS, the money was used to cover Bilyet Giro, which has not matured. Because interest payments smoothly, then I do not care about it, but it is now so upset, "he said.
A businessman embroidered cloth, madam Elis suffer loss of Rp 1.4 billion more, which deposited to a suspect SS.
Meanwhile, the Internal Audit Unit Kasi (SPI) PDAM Tirta Sukapura, Agus told reporters confirmed, it did data loss suffered by the defendant peers in the taps, but when asked the number of people and losses, Agus seem reluctant to express it. "The SS certainly not a country of civil servants (PNS), because he his status as company employees, " said Agus.

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