Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Residents Protest Cogreg and Tawang Plantation Forest Felling

Around 100 people Cogreg Sub Cikatomas Village, and the village of Tawang, Pancatengah Sub-district, Tasikmalaya, demonstration estate office visit PTPN VIII Bagjanegara, Monday (3 / 1). They were protesting against logging in the area of plantation forest land for fear of losing the water source that will cause dryness.
The protesters came to the plantations around 10:00 am and immediately greeted by members of the police and members Cikatomas police and security forces Salopa plantations, so the action did not last long, because after reading the statement (statement) from representatives of five people invited to a dialogue protesters in the office conference room. Parties also understand concerns plantation residents and officials there said not all the land the trees are felled, but only in part.

"In this area there is a spring that become the only hope of citizens to be able to obtain clean water during the dry season arrives, further understanding of citizens during the cutting of trees is also thought there would spend it all. So, we came to this estate office to ask for clarification, and requested that not all the trees cut down, "said Deni (30) Cogreg Village residents.
In line with the Deni, Mansyur (49) have, for the plantation to regenerate the trees felled land, so that does not happen to the citizens of drought, because the only water absorption there is in the area of plantation forests. "What we expect not to happen drought, residents are worried about is why coming here," said Mansyur.
Meanwhile, Chief Cambodgien Cayur, Nurdiatna Day explains, plan logging 35 hectares of forest land owned plantations are planted with mahogany trees have been planned in 2000. But because there is no buyer, the new logging finally implemented in 2010, especially age mahogany trees planted there have been older than 30 years.
"The procedure we have actually cutting the travel and we've got permission from the Forestry Department and Municipal Pemkab Tasikmalaya West Java, but with a wide provision of 0.5 hectares with 118 trees felled trees should not, because being around my eyes water. Hence, people do not need to worry, because we too have received such a recommendation and will be implemented properly, "said Day as chairman States Plantation (SP Bun) Bagjanegara PTPN VIII.
According to Day, the number of trees there Mahogany reached after 13,363 trees and logging will be done immediately replanted with trees that have been available Albasia about 8,000 seedlings. "I am very pleased with the way the community can contribute to keep our forests are planted, only need to understand we are also cutting a course through certain procedures," he said.
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