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Give elementary students Donations to Build Office UPTD

Thousands of elementary school students (SD) in the subdistrict Sukaratu Tasikmalaya regency, since 2006, contributing Rp 300 per month for the UPTD office building (technical and operational units of service) of local education. The contribution will end in 2011. Even in Sindang Elementary I and Elementary Galih Sukagalih donations to Rp 1300 to build mosques and WC.
A number of parents Thursday (21/1) says, donations began to be approximately in February 2006, and in accordance with the results of a meeting between the School Committee with the parents, donations will end in 2011.
"The amount donated is not much. But, if it was in accordance with existing rules. As far as we are to send their children at the primary level of charges are not allowed in any form or pretext whatsoever," said the parents who requested his identity be kept secret.
Parents showed the contribution made cards like card dues, contributions and withdrawals carried out every three months. The card looks different for each school, because it demonstrated that students' parents, the amount of charges Rp 1300 per month and paid Rp 3900 per three months.
Elementary School Committee Treasurer Sindang Galih I and SD Sukagalih, Yono Daryono, accompanied by Head Elementary School, Drs Tatang Euis K and Mrs. K, when asked to confirm reporter admitted, the contribution of these students. According to him, collecting donations for the implementation of a committee meeting with all district parents, and when it was recorded around 4500 students.
"At that time, we do not have the UPTD office buildings, and finally reached an agreement to contribute. When calculated per pupil count donations charged Rp 300 per month with a limit of time since the year 2006 until the year 2011," Yono said.
UPTD office buildings, including mosques and toilets for both schools was completed, because it uses a bailout from the principal, who borrowed money from the bank's fresh. "The construction has been completed, and now lives installment debt. According to new calculations can be paid off years later in 2011," continued Yono.
Head SD Sukagalih, Euis Mrs. K said that, if there are parents who objected to the existence of these charges, you should consult with the school, no need to complain to other parties. "Money's not a donation is how. Parents were less able to afford it I'm sure. The evidence I have seen their pocket money of not less than Rp 1,000 per day. It can be seen if they snack at school, " he said.

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