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Kampung Naga people Overwhelmed Thank Soil and Seed Oil Tree

Kampung Naga indigenous people Neglasari Village Sub Salawu Tasikmalaya District is now no longer a shortage of gasoline supplies, but instead uses kerosene confused, because too much oil supply, either from the provincial government and Kapolwil Priangan Jabar. And Kampung Naga citizens need only 1000 liters of kerosene per month, but now they even have a supply of 8000 liters of kerosene.
According Kuncen Kampung Naga, Ade Suherlin, with the supply of kerosene is not only for the purposes of Kampung Naga people alone, but residents across the district were obtained kerosene. "We do not use the kerosene alone," said Ade Suherlin, while receiving assistance kerosene and tree seeds / plant, which focused on Cijaga Padepokan Masigit Kampung Pasir Village / Sub Salawu, Thursday (17/12). The symbolic delivery of oil aid and carried tree seeds Bakorwil IV Priangan Head, Tubagus Kuncen Hisni to Kampung Naga, Ade Suherlin. Then Kemiri Sunan penanamn tree done Kapolwil Priangan, Commissioner of Anton Charliyan.

While that, in an effort to develop a culture, according to Ade Suherlin, the institute is developing a cultural area in Kampung Pasir Masigit, which there are several cultural sites. Kampung Pasir Masigit in there besides the site, there is also a spring 12 which two of these springs are in crisis, due to approximately 7 acres of land there was ground state in critical condition. Of the brush about 38 hectares of state land in Mount Sand Masigit about 7 hectares of which were critical.
Therefore, in order to save critical land where the Mount Masigit and Karamat, West Java provincial government through the Department Tarkim (Spatial and Settlement), and IV Bakorwil Priangan, and Kapolwil Priangan, including Bank Indonesia Tasikmalaya, and Bank Mandiri to help as many hard seeds 9000 trees. From various types of tree crops like Kadu, and rambutan, approximately 2,500 tree seedlings Kemiri Sunan (Sunda Nanjeur) submitted Kapolwil Priangan, Commissioner of Anton Charliyan. According to Anton, pecan tree seedlings from Perhutani sunan can store / absorb water, and fruit for materials or for desel bio oil.
According to Ade Suherlin, tree planting seedlings on Thursday last, it does not involve the community at large, because based on experience in 2004, over 11,000 tree seedlings of government assistance, but then no tree seedlings. "Ka teu nepi holes. Kituna sim My scabby Ayeuna mass ngalibatkan nu teu seueur. So I just nu aya community in two kedusunan deui of which are guided by two RT," said Ade Suherlin.
According to the Head Priangan Bakorwil IV, Tubagus Hisni, problems faced by citizens of Kampung Naga started in 2009, when the citizens of Kampung Naga threat, namely if there is no concern of governments, aid in the form of kerosene, up anytime Kampung Naga people will not pay attention to the government. "From a few meetings, then the government will provide solar electricity, but it was not right, but the elders said solar power is not acceptable. The paper was written large Bakorwil team failed, but I say it's not fail because the consultation process is still continue, 'said Tubagus.
Because there is no assistance from regional and central government, continued Tubagus, the Kampung Naga completely shut down and consequently some tourists can only see from afar, because it does not get in, and spread around in cyberspace on the internet that the government can not solve faced . "Well it's jadsi wirang (contaminated, red). I am with Pertamina center, and the Vice President, there are several ways to solve the problem of providing non-subsidized kerosene, but through a cooperative process. So the people will finally be realized by the Kampung Naga government center, "explained Chief Priangan Bakorwil IV.
According to Tubagus, Kampung Naga is already a national asset, is visited by about 15,000 wisatwan overseas and domestically every month.
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