Friday, March 5, 2010

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Mobil Officials Were Taken Hostage

Action student protests made in addressing the case of a bank in Kota Tasikmalaya Century made the students from the various elements incorporated in the popular fronts in the east of the roundabout Priangan Front Adipura jln Grand Mosque HZ Mustopa, Thursday (4 / 3) yesterday.
In the demonstration that the action of a car service Kab officials. Tasikmalaya which there happened to be passing the car section Setwan trial DPRD Kab. Tasikmalaya hostage the demonstrators, about half an hour.
Number car driven by a Z 89 N head field (Kabid) trial, Parliament council secretariat Tasikmalaya regency, E Sutarman successfully stopped the students who are doing the action. When the student was standing in front of the car, and some of them clung the rear, the vehicle could not even walk.

When the car was not able to walk some of the demonstrators climbed onto the cabin service vehicles. Three of them are located directly above the cabin to be oration criticized by Century Bank case stood holding a microphone.
Motorists are service vehicles, E Sutarman went straight out of the car, when the students asked to move the vehicle into the center of the circle. But before the students managed to move the vehicle, which held the key students retaken by the rider and the car is left controlled by the demonstrators.
Having successfully mastered, the students were making a ritual ruwatan (remove bad luck). One of them read incantations while sowing-strew coincidence of interest they bring to the front of the car is filled with flowers.
When Ruwatan (remove bad luck) walk, other students made a circle near the vehicle and accompany the event with songs Ruwatan (remove bad luck) struggle.
Earlier, the demonstrators are making a circle at the intersection grand mosque. One by one from among their members KAMMI, PMII, FPMR, HMI, SPP, DEM Unsil, STHG BEM, BEM STISIP, IPNU, LMND, IAID Ciamis, and BEM UNIGAL give speeches.
When these to be oration, among the students there are trying to stop other service vehicles passing by. Two vehicles passing Department of the Office one vehicle Satpol PP Tasikmalaya city not been stopped despite their attempt to resist.
It's just that they had seized a car district Department officials Tasikmalaya said.
He admitted going out of the office for a while because there is a need. Had just a few yards out of the office vehicle driven Parliament suspended the students instead of the demo.
Once satisfied at a traffic to be oration Great Mosque, the students were making progress toward monument Verse and some time they also made speeches.
Once satisfied to be oration, the students opened to disperse, but they went straight into the building in RSPD Dadaha Street. They had entered the air with a police escort, to read them live claims. At that time in the ongoing broadcast of a show, and they directly control the event.
Korlap (field coordinator) Nanda Saputra reading, the student demands, among other things the government to complete the century bank scandal and the judge immediately the parties involved in the disbursement "bailout" and return the public money amounting to Rp 6.7 trillion, enforce the rule of law as fair - fairness without selective logging. And refrain from repressive measures against the security forces demonstration participants.
Bad roads
Action protests of hundreds of students who carried out the People's Front is the eastern Priangan disrupt the traffic. Because the action they were deliberately making a circle until a passing vehicle so disturbed and made a long traffic jam. Lucky police officers swiftly and regulate traffic flow at least traffic to be minimized.
Vehicles traveling from the Road Doctor Sukarjo could not immediately drove to the Road HZ Mustofa, but moved to the street youth.

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