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Strange Fish

Two People Found Strange Fish and Eels

A white eels are found from the bottom of a swimming fish by Rohidin (52) of Kampung Gunungsari, Village Cigantang, sub-district Mangkubumi, City of Tasikmalaya. Eels that have characteristics that are very noticeable from normal eels. Besides the unusual color, also the mouth of an eel is like wearing red lipstick, and has the ear leaf width. The discovery of a strange eel was quite a stir residents in Ex. Cigantang, Mangkubumi. Until they came to see the white eel.
Explained Rohidin, he found a white eel from the bottom of the pond is being dredged mud fish on Thursday (17 / 3), around 11:00 pm. At that time he found a large flat rock at the bottom of the pond. Because the perceived blocking, then the stone is trying to be removed. But, when the stone is removed, a strange white creature jumped towards her face. He had no idea if that eels, because the color is not normal.
After that, white eels and then tried to run away and go back into the mud. Rohidin also tried to find back to dredge the mud surface. As a result eels were found again. But again, when the lap Rohidin, white eels acting naughty and difficult to hold it because of slippery eel body.
To ensure a white eel can not be separated from the grip Rohidin, then included  eels into the clothes he wore. After that new Rohidin can observe carefully the eel was on the ground. It is estimated that the body has a length of 50 cm eel weighing about 400 grams.
Rohidin eel was finally brought it home to his house. He then showed the number of family and some villagers. From here spread is information related to the discovery of the mysterious eel. Then quickly a number of good citizens from the neighboring village came to the house directly Rohidin. In order to provide a clear vision on a number of people who kept coming. So Rohidin also volunteered a fish tank is replaced with his own seashell white eel.

Meanwhile, from the district  Jamanis reported, a strange fish found in people who are doing all the fish in the river Citanduy. Fish strange fish that has a body like cork, but part of his head like a snout like a crocodile's head, and has teeth like a crocodile.
Naturalife Greenworld strange fish scales such as the snake was found Endang residents of Kampung Babakan Enar, Karangsembung Village, sub-district  Jamanis, District of  Tasikmalaya, on Tuesday. When he was doing all the fish, and his net caught fish for adults calf. I was so glad, he drove home while bringing the fish home.
"I was shocked while removing the fish. Apparently, the fish has a head and teeth like a crocodile," he said.
After catching fish by Endang, thus shattering the surrounding residents. Residents who first saw these fish species, called it that it is not fish at random. Moreover, residents look at the fish's head looks like the name "Eddie".
The news spread even more as people snapshot via camera phone and see the fish color change often. Until now, many people are curious and come to the house to see it up close Endang. Residents who see not only from around the village there, but many residents who come from outside the village. "Already many people have seen, the fish often change color. In fact there are visitors who snapshot," said Emuh (45), neighbor.
Today, with a strange fish about 70 cm long and weighs about 3 pounds, it was placed in a plastic pool in front of the house owned by Endang. In fact, in the vicinity of the fish storage box provided there is a fish owner to perhaps have anything to contribute to what is available.***
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