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Sundanese Dance in High School Palomtik Pasundan 2 Tasikmalaya
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Palomtik Sundanese dance is now becoming known and popular citizen dance Tasikmalaya as new creations, which combine elements of traditional and modern art. Palomtik dance, is a blend of dance umbrella dance, dance clogs, and batik. So it appears to be more creative dance and dynamic, and not fixated by the regulations.

Chief SMA Pasundan 2 Tasikmalaya, Drs Eri Kustiaman accompanied by the Deputy Head of School, Abdul Munir said the dance was often displayed on the celebration events, both at the governmental level ceremonial event, as well as the circumcision ceremony and the wedding.
Dance umbrella in it displayed Palomtik gamelan or sweet enough with a typical arrangement, supported also by the appearance of the pretty girls. So when the dance was performed, then the audience appears to be more enthusiastic to follow the dancer's appearance until the event is finished.
The dance was deliberately included to the curriculum in high school lessons Pasundan 2 Tasikmalaya, as an addition to the insights and skills or skills of students live. Unlike at other schools, which presents art materials as extra-curricular lessons, but at school it became a separate curriculum.
Presumably well-founded these schools in developing and preserving traditional arts and Sunda Tasikmalaya. Therefore, the school as the last bastion of Sundanese arts. The expression of the last bastion of Sundanese arts for the school was never raised by the Department of Education and Culture office, so that a trigger, and the driving spirit to have always defend it.
"Spurred by that phrase, so that schools maintain the arts. For example also, Angklung Badud, which is typical angklung displayed for the celebration event, which combined the arts of many attractions lumping horse dance, dog-dog, and angklung players," said Eri.
If we see the traditional arts curriculum, which was developed and a lot of interest the students, the school declared a High School Plus.
Of course, other curriculum also always maintained that in addition to the art of dance, as well as culinary lessons, musicians, and others.
According to Abdul Munir, not denying there are any ceremonial events at the City Government and the Government of Tasikmalaya Regency, from high school art is always included.
Even the school had become an ambassador of art representative of the Government of West Java province in TMII Jakarta. "Thank God the enthusiasm of the audience quite a lot and are happy watching art performances of the students," said Abdul Munir.
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