Sunday, December 26, 2010

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Dozens of Houses Damaged hit Breezy

Due to rain that fell continuously since the last few days and is accompanied by strong winds (tornado), resulting in dozens of houses were heavily damaged by a falling tree and light in Kampong of Babakan Enar, Karang Sembung Sub, Jamanis, Tasikmalaya District, on Friday afternoon yesterday.
According to local residents, about four families of the 15 heads of families of victims whose houses were damaged crushed by trees forced to flee to the mosque there, because their houses damaged and can not be inhabited again.

However, in the celebration were no casualties. One victim, Mak Ijah (55), Saturday (25/12) said the afternoon was the situation in Kampong Babakan Enar heavy rain was falling, while she was cooking in the kitchen. While I was cooking it sounded tornado roar mixed with rain and trees in fall. Mak Ijah with family members immediately rushed out of the house and took refuge in a safe place.
In an attempt to escape it, it appeared that some neighbors had come rushing out of the house and headed for the same place.
Under the heavy rain of the victims ran to a mosque not far from their homes, and for a while they lived there.
Losses due to tornado was estimated to reach tens of millions of dollars. According to the victim, until now there has been no assistance from the government to alleviate their suffering.
To that end, mak Ijah with other victims expect, the assistance of the local government, to ease the burden of their suffering. Due to their homes in addition to the heavily damaged, was also temporarily uninhabitable.

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