Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Tonjong Left Hanging Bridge Damage

Feeling angry left, hundreds of residents from five Villages in District Sukarame Tanjungjaya and Tasikmalaya regency bill promises to Tasikmalaya regency officials, who had promised to improve Tonjong suspension bridge over the river Ciwulan, which connects Sinargalih sub-district Village Sukarame with Tanjungjaya District Cilolohan Tasikmalaya regency.
Obtained the information, after the suspension bridge was broken, which became a vital point of two regional economy some time ago, until now the condition is left abandoned. According to residents, several days after the bridge was broken, there are some officials who said it would repair the bridge. Even those officials assert, will build a permanent bridge.

However, officials promised earlier by residents until now never be realized. For encouraging citizens, some materials such as sand and stones were piled around deliberately bridge. "See, epidermis with sand stone house there. May be repaired soon. People ask mah quickly repaired, it was important for the bridge to the economy of this sub-district residents two," Nana (52) citizens of the village of Kampung Babakan Sukamenak Kalong sub-district Sukarame, who crossed the river using a raft Ciwulan.
The same expression conveyed former porter bridge, Afendi (73) Bebedahan Kampung Village residents Cilolohan sub-district Tanjungjaya Tasikmalaya District, after the dissolution of the bridge, he was looking for sustenance with a raft menyebarangan service officer. According to him, people really need the bridge repaired immediately. If not permanent, such as the bridge yesterday was suspension does not matter.
"Thank permanent gratitude, but when the permanent still let such a long suspension bridge yesterday. It is estimated that there will be no great cost. The important thing safe house, is gising for public use. From the news will be permanent, but not implemented too," he said.
Although he received from the service provision raft, but when compared, there was a bridge over wills. The reason, sorry for the people who want to leave the business of the city, can not be delivered at night. Also he said, though the afternoon, but if the big water, residents had to wait for low tide, when he was long-awaited by the children and wife.
"This is also the road tour, because connecting Sukarame, Singaparna tourist town with Shanghiyang situ. Therefore, the officials do not talk much. Quick fix this bridge, let the suspension bridge, too. The important thing is safe and benefits. If necessary, please residents will self-provide bamboo. Need how twenty bars will be filled, "he said.

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