Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Staple food Prices in Tasikmalaya Market Crawl Up

Some traders vegetables and basic foods (nine basic day-to-day) in Tasikmalaya District ‎Singaparna market and complained Kota Tasikmalaya, price increases for some goods of ‎high rises, but not followed by the increasing purchasing power. As a result, they earn ‎profits always decline, and even some merchants who pa po aka turnover.
The increase in selling price, such as vegetables, the most incriminating felt both by the ‎merchant and the buyer is the price of garlic. One kilo grams of garlic is currently selling ‎at a price of Rp 13.500, which was originally only Rp 2,100 to 2500 per kg. While the ‎price of sugar which had USD 4.500/kg, has now reached Rp 9,000 to Rp 10,000 / kg.

The fact is, one of the commodities traders Cibeureum district residents. Tanjungjaya, ‎Mila (30) claimed, the situation in a market crowded in Ramadan now much heavier than ‎a few months before ramadhan. As usual, over the coming month of Ramadan, people ‎often buy sugar in large numbers, which is usually used to make sweets. But now that ‎condition has not happened.
‎"It was selling her run like this outside of Ramadan, and there was no significant ‎increased, frankly even decreased, for example, before at least 15 kilograms of white ‎sugar sold in a day, once in Ramadan only reached 10 kilograms of white sugar are sold ‎per day. So very grateful if sales turnover is only just, "he said.
According to him, not just the price of sugar rises, the price of sugar rises red. It's just ‎that the increase is not too soared. Original selling price of sugar up to USD 6000 USD ‎‎7000, before the entry of Ramadan until now, the price of sugar reached Rp 9.500/Kg.

Temporarily according Jajang (35), a vegetable merchant Sukahaji district residents. ‎Singaparna confess, surprised the skyrocketing price of garlic out of the ordinary. He ‎admitted, garlic prices have started to feel since three months before Ramadan.
The increase in the price of garlic that is not accompanied with the ability / purchasing ‎power of society to make him be more patient and steadfast, after its sales income ration ‎was continuing to decline. According to him, one example of the decline in revenue is the ‎ability to sell end-garlic kahir reach only 3 pounds per day, whereas before there was an ‎increase could reach 60 kilograms per week or 8 to 9 kilograms per day.

‎"I very much hope, the government is soon to conditions through market operations. With ‎the increase in goods, but makes it difficult for traders, also has cost the people who did ‎not experience increases in revenue, unlike civil servants," he said.
Similar situation occurred also in the market and the market Cikurubuk Tasikmalaya City ‎of Pancasila, the prices of goods of daily needs (groceries) began to crawl.‎

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