Friday, August 28, 2009

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Residents Nagrog in Surprise with Baby Magic

Although've tried to hide the secret, but the extraordinary events and outside of the habit, now a warm conversation and interesting people in the village of Kampung Kertanegla Kec Nagrog. Bojonggambir Tasikmalaya regency.
The birth of a baby girl without a mother knows the pregnancy or any sign which shows will deliver, not only to make biological mother of the child, mother Engkon (30) was shocked and could not believe he thought, but the event has become a hot news is discussed by local residents and invited him to hilarious look at the miracle baby.
"Teu aya atanapi feeling naon ilapat-naon, yen scabby ngalahirkeun rek, scabby apanan tea sapopoe ka metik mountain, nepi tea balikna nyuhun ka 40 kilogram," he said on Friday (28 / 8) yesterday.
But he admitted, four days before the arrival of delivery could Daria (13) niece who had become orphans. Then he told his dream. In the dream should be mentioned that Engkon surrogate baby care. Followed later in the day Juma't ago, the arrival of her sister Engkon admitted in a dream and asked him to take care of the baby pouch.
According to him, some time prior to the birth, she scraped Password (2), son number 2 from her husband, Mamat (35) and carrying Ayi (6) greatest son, they walked onto the field Bojonggambir which is about 2 miles from home, for perform the ceremony to HUT RI-64.
After the ceremony, Engkon said, she and her two children home, while her husband went on business with her friends in the field Bojonggambir. Arriving home, she suddenly felt dizzy and feeling absurdly like to urinate very heavy.

When trying to eliminate nausea and severe dizziness in the head, he recalled, he tried to get out of the house pacing back and forth alias. While in "golodog / babancik" (the house), Engkon suddenly felt something was out of balls very quickly. When viewed, it was a baby, and depending on the umbilical cord.
"Harita 15:00 hours scabby sakitar Soak ngarasa, reuwas, surprised pacampur jeung confused, scabby direct Harita continue ngarawu lap infant," he said. Engkon husband who came an hour and then went straight to paraji spaced far enough and taken about 30 minutes.
When paraji come, Engkon was still in a condition to sit in the "Babancik" accompanied the children and neighbors. "Dugi ka Tikawit come ngalahirkeun paraji, scabby teu Where kama-bari Estu Mangku Cicing babancik snore on earth, aya saatosna paraji, dirumat sapuratina snore. Alahamdulillah kondisina healthy normal tour," he recalls.
Approximately 11 days after the birth of a miracle baby named Agustina's Sprott, Engkon families, is now recognized was becoming more severe. The reason, in difficult economic conditions and the helter-skelter, he is relying on her husband's business income is uncertain which rely solely on selling baso stick around. Not only could not afford the equipment or the baby's needs, to simply meet the needs of everyday dining just a family, very difficult.
Yet he remained determined to be brave and patient and keep good care of Sinta, while waiting for the miracle to come to accompany the child's presence. he admitted, will not discriminate affection with her two children which has become the elder Sprott.
When asked to confirm, Oko (56) local community leaders agreed, born out of the ordinary Sprott. But he said nothing is impossible and nothing is impossible on this earth. "When Alloh want something, then it must happen and can not be prevented," he explained.
He also hoped that the presence of these children, bring fortune and bring a change for the family life and Mamat, Engkon that the condition is quite apprehensive. "This was, after the holy month of Ramadan, the child may bring a miracle," he hoped.
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