Friday, August 21, 2009

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Prime Exports to United States

Organic rice Kabupaten Tasikmalaya will origin exported to the United States, Thursday ‎‎(20 / 8). Convoy of vehicles carrying the rice will be released officially by the Minister of ‎Agriculture Anton Apriyantono Pendopo front Tasikmalaya regency. Of course, it is a ‎historic event for the farmers Tasikmalaya which has long been working on organic rice. ‎So also with the Bupati Tasikmalaya Tatang Farhanul Hakim. He was happy at the same ‎time claim to be proud of these achievements achievement. This is increasingly reinforce ‎its determination to make the Tasikmalaya regency as organic rice barns in the country. ‎Regent Tatang the previous award winning votes because of the president is able to ‎increase rice production in the area and appreciation Stars Jasa Pratama field of ‎government.

Regent Tatang Thursday confirming that no export activities of organic rice from farmers ‎to Tasikmalaya Ameriksa States. After that, to Singapore, Hong Kong, and other. Its ‎release will be made by the Minister of Agriculture Mr. in front of Pendopo Kab. ‎Tasikmalaya.
Tatang said: As a successful farmer we exist. I'm not vain since 2002 the program of ‎organic agriculture. I try to convince farmers not to continue efforts to put out chemical ‎fertilizers. Now, a new perceived benefits, that is to be sold overseas to the rice to ‎develop environment-friendly organic fertilizer use, even to the United States.

Farmers who have been involved has reached eight percent. We will continue to try to ‎develop. In addition, eight percent of the organic, have been able to increase rice ‎production five percent in Tasikmalaya. That I think is quite meaningful. Hence, we ‎received an award from the central government. If the public interest to continue to ‎organic, the production of our rice. Do not wrong, all of that to push up farmers' income ‎as well.

The target itself is knowledgeable organic rice can be developed in Tasikmalaya?
‎I hope to reach fifty percent of the total area wide for this to get a good supply of water. ‎Our target, Tasikmalaya into organic rice in West Java. We will focus on the organic rice ‎because, in future, the price will be good and also not damage the environment. Farmers ‎also do not hold in a busy with the increase in chemical fertilizer prices. I have a contract ‎with the camat demo plot so that they make in their respective districts, as well as the ‎development of farm animal dung for the supply of organic fertilizer. I also Involve ‎military, police, and various parties to develop the same SRI rice production because this ‎will be good and friendly environment.
While the trouble do is change the behavior pattern of the farmers. During this time, ‎farmers are pampered with chemical fertilizers and permissive IM. Meanwhile, SRI for ‎rice, fertilizer should make first. Then, the rice should be intensive care, up to seven ‎times the first planting shake-shake or rice. Changing culture is difficult, therefore I try to ‎keep the program around the village. Moreover, current export and so will attraction for ‎farmers. I also work with the head office, camat to the village for the development of this ‎rice.

During this regent governments provide facilities for the development of organic, such as ‎seed assistance. Then, handling the irrigation network have priority. Now, certification ‎and other assistance. Assistance to livestock farmers and other groups. We support all ‎this because you want to agricultural progress.‎

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Allvira said...

Significantly,be proud of these achievements achievement. But what about inorganic rice production. Hope it will be healthier if you'd have these. Sounds to be good that government are handling all type of seed assistance, fertilization, agrochemicals product also. That's good news over & all.
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cecep_2000 said...

Thank you for your response. At Tasikmalaya regency inorganic amount of rice still more when compared with organic rice.