Monday, August 10, 2009

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Generating Sukapura Batik, Regent Must Become Example

by Cecep SA‎

Bupati Tasikmalaya H Tatang Farhanul Hakim must socialize the use of batik Sukapura ‎or batik Sukaraja to the people of Tasikmalaya. Especially to the Employee country
Sipil (PNS) in the Tasikmalaya regency government must dare to give instructions so that ‎on the day-to-day, especially on certain days so Tasikmalaya to use batik Sukapura.

This is done to return to develop image batik Sukaraja that lately has begun to die out and ‎start missing. While some forty years ago, Sukaraja Batik is very popular both in the ‎community in Tasikmalaya the National level. ‎
‎"To bring back the image of batik Sukapura, would not want to Regent Tasikmalaya must ‎socialize the use of batik to the community. Or at least to the officials and civil servants ‎at environment Pemkab Tasikmalaya that wearing batik Sukapura," one member firm ‎Legislative kab. Tasikmalaya H APIP Ipan Permadi Monday (10 / 8) yesterday ‎responding to almost extinction batik Sukapura recently.

APIP said, to revive batik Sukapura the main support of the government is marketing the ‎field, or to provide opportunities to develop. The most appropriate is the Government's ‎bold batik usefulness people who use Sukapura be official.
‎‎"Can be a warning to the Islamic feast day or the day-to-day as most other days so ‎Tasikmalaya, regents require officials wear batik Sukapura," specifically.
According to him interpensi government in re Sukapura batik is expected by the ‎community. Because the community is not expected to fish but need a hook for fishing. ‎‎"If there is space, then the capital will come about the batik," added APIP.

The same is also said by the Chairman of the DPRD Kab. Tasikmalaya, H Law Ruzhanul ‎Ullum. According to the existence of the batik Sukapura be turned on again as the ‎preservation of cultural or Sukapura Tasikmalaya. ‎
Uu also requested that the government can play an active role in to grow Batik Sukapura ‎so the image can return the public. Place separate Koperasi Head of Department of Trade and Industry Tasikmalaya Kab, iin ‎Aminudin says his side will strive to develop as a form of batik sukapura of cultural ‎preservation.
‎‎"For guidance on the craftsmen we increase will try again. We will also explore the best ‎solution in overcoming the problem that occurred recently," he said.
‎Go iin addition, his side will also try to seek to provide capital assistance for the ‎craftsmen to develop products Sukaraja batik.

Meanwhile, at precisely Sukaraja Village Market in old-fashioned, village. Sukapura at ‎this time there are 20 of batik Sukapura. There is an increase from the previous year with ‎only a few people only. However, the condition of the craftsmen are still oscillate and the ‎most he has craftsmen information.‎

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