Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Police Checking Some Chemical Stores

by Cecep SA

Team members Satreskrim Polresta Tasikmalaya who check against a number of shops in the chemicals area of Tasikmalaya, on Thursday (23 / 7), successfully seize a small sample bag sulfur, which may not be sold to the public. Examination of Tasikmalaya Polresta been a member of a number of chemical stores, which sell chemicals that, as an effort to anticipate the post-bomb explosion in Jakarta.
According to officials, sulfur can not be sold, both in number and small lots. However, the fact is there are shops that sell chemicals are sulfur-free. Many store owners who do not claim to know if the sulfur can not be sold to the public.

Store chemicals in the "P" street Mitra Batik Tasikmalaya City, officials carefully examine chemicals dangerous. There, the officer did not find the form of liquid chemicals. However, officers found chemicals that originate from sulfur. According to officials, the sulfur can Categorize as one of the elements that can complement explosives.
Next, the officers check the validity of trade-license, and permit the sale of chemicals. When the officers are asking about the sales of chemicals in there, the officer suddenly find other savings sulfur. Originally, the seller disprove that the store has been selling hazardous chemicals, such as sulfur.
However, try to coax the seller in the store before, so declare and would indicate savings of sulfur. Finally, the seller in a store that would indicate a savings of sulfur in place. However, it only shows the savings in the number of small sulfur. Despite the small number, the officer did not seize a failed sample sulfur in a plastic bag.
Satreskrim of the team and one team member Dalmas, who has to check a number of shops in the chemicals in the city of Tasikmalaya, Thursday, not to find the storage of chemicals in large amounts. However, in an effort to anticipate the post-bomb explosion in Jakarta, the police still do checking, both in the hotel, places prone to, and store chemicals, and places kost.

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