Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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PP City Satpol Unloading Force Kiosk PKL
by Cecep SA

After a few times does not care whether oral reprimand and any posts, officers Satpol regulation (the police civil service) of Tasikmalaya, on Monday (27 / 7), forced to disassemble kiosks belonging to the traders on the street pavement A. Yani, at the entrance Resik Earth Indah Housing Sukamanah Kelurahan Kota Tasikmalaya District Cipedes. Demolition stalls but not as conducted by the owner, also because of building restrictions issued by Pemkot (city government) Tasikmalaya.
From the results of the monitoring, the effort force is taking do not get resistance from its owners, other than because they are far warn the days before it, there are also some stall owners who are outside the city.

Couples couple, Nunung (60) and Mak Titin (53), has been five years since occupied that location there, sad have to change location. "Isn'T to move the location, to eat every day is our difficulty. The revenue from the sale of rice, we can get a net profit of Rp 30,000 to Rp 40.0000 since morning to evening," said Mak Titin while to will tears.

Luckily for mak Titin and her husband, they can still occupies that location is not far from the location to solicitous. Thanks to the leniency in the rice fields there, they built a simple kiosk, near the rice fields. "But emak tea teu acan tiasa ngisian tempatna, margi teu rowdy kanggo mayar tilas eta nu mang wangunkeun place (but, mother can not fill the place, because it can not pay the people making that place)," the story of the mak Titin blank stare .
When asked when they will open the rice stall again, mak Titin only shake one's head. "Boro-Boro kangge ngawarung deui, where ti atuh modalna. Mugi-Mugi Allah SWT we maparin Rejeki kangge emak (Isn'T continue to open more stalls, from which the capital. It may be that Allah SWT give provision)," soft procuress Titin. Titin Mak and her husband, yesterday Monday, can only sit on the debris-debris warungs brood while his fate.

According to investigators, and Kasi Supervision PP Kota Tasikmalaya Satpol, A. Budi Kusmiadi, Monday yesterday, was the owner of a stall-stall is already several times warn the verbally and through a letter of reprimand.
Letter of reprimand to the content of II, according to Budi, with consideration of visibility in the field and a letter from the District Cipedes no 301/228/Kec/2009, on notice, with the basic laws, government regulations, and no regulation 7 of 2005, about the peace and public order.
Next Salpol PP Kota Tasikmalaya provide a letter of reprimand to the owner of the kiosk / stall, with problems in the area sells DMJ does not have permission.

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