Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Police Find Hundreds of Liquor Bottle House in Luxury

by Cecep SA

Range Polsekta (Police Sector City) Kawalu successfully prosecute 98 dus drink (miras) ready for sale, stored in a housing in the area of law Polsekta Kawalu. A glimpse of the suspect will not be in the house many miras.
Kapolresta Tasikmalaya, Commissioner purpose of Aries Syarif Hidayat, accompanied Kapolsekta Kawalu, Junaedi purpose Commissioner, on Wednesday (15 / 7), said point to raid the house phone started from the local people, who received the care Polsekta Kawalu, yesterday evening.

According to residents, in front of one of the commotion going home, marked with a breakthrough dus miras bottle type Ginseng Wine.
Kapolsekta Kawalu and its four members split the existence of the house. Locals said, before coming home in a car Suzuki AVP, with the passengers of three people, who wear masks ala ninja. They entered the house, then out again. Right at the terrace house, one of them solve one type of dus miras Ginseng Wine. Because of fear, people can not do much, but after a masked man entered the car and leave the location, people contact the police.
Approximately at 23:30 WIB, Kapolsekta Kawalu and its members come in there, and after a review in the house does not have the knowledge. Police only found hundreds of different brands and miras already in dus. Police suspect, it has been used as a warehouse miras.
Information obtained, it is also a place people often miras sale in Gunung Ceuri, Tugu Raja, Kota Tasikmalaya. During this time, he recognized the supplier miras. Strong presumption, the masked man is telling its rivals.

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