Thursday, July 9, 2009

Local News Story

Sipa Died in The Pool

by Cecep SA

Sipa Latipah Sopwan, age 13 months, villagers / village Cikadu District Cisayong ‎Tasikmalaya District, has been found dead in a swimming float its future home, Thursday ‎‎(8 / 7) morning. While his father, Agus (37) are conducting a presidential election, and ‎his mother, Wiwi (36) are fed 2 sisters Sipa.

At 08.00, Agus go to the TPS (poll) and Sipa submit to his wife. "Yes, my intention to ‎turn his wife went to the TPS. So children still at home," said Agus.

Sipa originally alleged only play in front of the room. However, the Sipa sister Randika ‎point
something in the pond and when his mother to see the pond there is a float. Ms Wiwi go ‎to the place designated Randikan, and when the youngest child to his dead float.
Ms Wiwi shrill cry, so invite attention to its neighbors. Neighbors who know the incident ‎is that ago to provide help and-Sipa to the nearest health clinic. But unfortunately, life ‎can not be saved Sipa.‎
On 8 July 2009 in the presidential election held there. Agus so Ms Wiwi and the ‎implementation of the presidential election.
Agus, his husband, went to more places to vote, while his wife, mistress Wiwi will go ‎back.
However, after returning from the poll that, Agus get tragic events that children will have ‎died.‎
With the incident, neighbors and participated in its excited concern over the incident that ‎befall his family. Neighbors hope that families Agus resilient in the face to its natural ‎experienced, strong and is expected to receive a trial.‎

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