Saturday, July 4, 2009

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Police arrested the five youth

by Cecep SA

Five youth home village Karangresik, Jamanis and Kecamatan Village Margamulya, ‎District Pagerageung, Kabupaten Tasikmalaya, Fri (3 / 6), the officer secured Satnarkoba ‎Polresta Tasikmalaya, after they were discovered to have the leaves and dry grass almost ‎‎1 kilogram.
According Kapolresta Tasikmalaya, Commissioner purpose of Aries Syarif Hidayat, ‎accompanied Kasat Drugs, Yaya Mulyadi Commissioner purpose, and Kanit II Idik, ‎Aiptu Joko S, one of five young people is to act as who circulate. They are As (17), DN ‎‎(25), Pp (25), Ik (22), all of the users, the Village Karangresik, Jamanis, and Bh (22), as ‎who circulate origin Sukamuya Village, District Pagerageung Kabupaten Tasikmalaya.
To five young people are arrested following a report from the residents who said they ‎suspected a man of middle consume marijuana. The report was then followed up with the ‎investigations. On Thursday night, officials overseeing As suspected, and comb him. ‎Officers then get a package marijuana in his pants.
According to the suspect, marijuana is obtained from the Bh. When officers arrest Bh ‎ransack the house and found it almost 1 kg of dried marijuana leaves, which are stored in ‎several places. According to Joko, evidence that the suspect kept in the kitchen cupboard ‎in the room and sleep,
Before the officers, Bh confess himself to get the shipment of goods from an origin who ‎circulate Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. Police are now central to the pursuit who circulate ‎other.‎

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