Sunday, May 10, 2009

York News

Cruises Departing From New York

By Alex Stewart

Pick your Cruise Line

One of the great things about cruises from New York is that you can just about take your pick of cruise lines. If you are a fan of Royal Caribbean or Princess, or if you love shipping out on Holland American, you can find cruises from New York on these and other cruise lines.
Any Place, Any Time
You can find it among New York cruise options. Cruises from there set sail all year. A cruise out of New York can still get you there. Don't let the fact that New York City is an expensive location make you think low-priced cruises from New York are impossible.
Just select New York as your departure point, and scan through the results.

European Tourists Irritate Citizens of New York

By Iuri Tarabanov

This year the strong Euro allowed the Europeans to go to the USA at half price for Christmas shopping. Philip Kasinitz, culture researcher and historian from the New-York University Hunter College, said that tourists had never been welcomed in this city, but that year they were especially disliked. Meanwhile, certain shops began accepting Euros along with dollars.
A few days ago the rag "New York Post" published a malicious instruction for New-Yorkers under the title "Which City Districts Are Free From Tourists So Far".

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