Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunday News

300 Victims of SUTET Demo to Pemkab Tasikmalaya

by Cecep

Around 300 residents of the victim SUTET (Air Line Extra High Voltage) 500 KV Sub-district of Sukaraja, Tanjungjaya, Mangunreja, and Salawu in a sense of performance page Pemkab Tasikmalaya, on Tuesday (2 / 6). They demanded compensation, which is only given promises only. If they claim not realized during the kick, then they will knock down tower SUTET.
By using nine trucks, four cars minibuses, and dozens of motorcycles, yesterday Tuesday, they visited the page Pemkab Tasikmalaya, while carrying dozens of posters and banners. They are generally poor people with the mixed mothers, parents, and youth.
Meanwhile, members of the Dalmas Polresta Tasikmalaya keep Setda the entrance of the building. Meanwhile, the tough want to meet sense of performancer Regent Tasikmalya. Bupati Tasikmalaya because there is not in place, then the they received by Endang Husaeni Asda, Asda II H Djedje Suhendi, Head Office National Sahroni A Roni, Kabag Economy and PM H Omay Kuswandy, and Kabag PR, Yaya.
In the orasi Korlap MKS (the victim SUTET), Hermanto said the firm, for many years the people of the victim SUTET 500 KV struggling to get their rights. "Not the sacrifice, energy, mind, and to get their property rights, which should have been," Hermanto screaming.
According Hermanto, moral injection years ago has given Bupati Tasikmalaya, with the order for the MKS so SUTET tower fell, when compensation is not realized. "Now after many years struggling MKS without clarity, therefore we will follow the command Bupati Tasikmalaya, to immediately cut SUTET tower together with the Bupati of Tasikmalaya Mr. Dear," Hermanto firm.
Some time later, the Pemkab Tasikmalaya ask confer with representatives of four people in the operating room they Setda. During the negotiations, the Hermanto and his friends had to show evidence of payment to the victim compensation SUTET, in value have a gaffe, because the application that issued PLN very different from the application of the village.
One hour later, the results of a meeting between representatives of the MKS with the elements Pemkab Tasikmalaya, Tasikmalaya and PT PLN made a statement that is PLN APJ Pemkab Tasikmalaya and ready to deliver and help bring the parties Prokiting (the project of power and network) Jabar, to come to Tasikmalaya, and Pemkab Tasikmalaya akan mengirimkann letter to the parties Prokiting West Java, to meet with victims SUTET community.

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